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A Palette Knife is more of a spreader than a knife. It has a long, flexible and rounded blade fitted to a long handle. Some blades are straight and some are angled near the handle. The blades come in various lengths from 10-35cm, and may be made of metal, plastic or a combination of the two.
These knives are used to spread cream, icing and cake fillings, and to smooth the toppings on baked dishes. A palette knife is thin enough to slide under cooked cakes, biscuits or pastry cases when you want to turn or lift them. It is also useful for loosening food stuck to tins.
They are easily available in the market, in different sizes and materials.

How to Select
Choose the size of the palette knife according to your requirement. The material should be non-toxic and durable. Check for smooth edges and smooth flat platform of the knife blade.

Culinary Uses
• Used to remove portions of food from baking trays
• Also used for turning food that is being cooked in a pan
• Helpful in spreading icing or whipped cream evenly over a cake or gateau
• May also be used for mixing icing mixtures as they have flexible blades.

How to Store
Always wipe the blades dry after use to prevent them from rusting.

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