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Pastry chefs reach for this traditional tool when they want to add a classic texture to the frosting on cakes. Specialty pastry combs are designed to create line patterns using decor paste, butter cream, chocolate or specialty batter. It is also handy for making ribbons of tempered chocolate and creating countless flourishes for cakes, pastries and confections. The comb makes it easy to add straight lines, zigzags or swirls to frosted cakes.Run the comb through semi-cooled tempered chocolate to create strips for shaping into decorative swirls, “nests” and more.
Generally, the frames are made out of sturdy plastic and the combs are made out of flexible rubber. They are reversible and have different patterns on each side.

How to Select
You can choose from plastic,wooden, silicon or rubber pastry combs as per your requirement. Choose combs with straight lines and look for any damages or broken edges.

Culinary Uses
Used to create classic line patterns on cakes and pastries, simply by running the comb through the icing on cake tops and sides.

How to Store
Store the pastry comb in a dry place. Always clean the comb with water and detergent to remove the greasiness of creams and icing.

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