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Peppermint has a fresh, strong, mint odour, sweet, balsamic taste, often masked by the distinct cooling effect. The Essential oil is obtained from the leaves and flowers. This is used to make candy canes, mints, and peppermint patties.

How to Select
It can be easily obtained from the supermarkets. Pay for a good brand and verify on the dates stamped - manufacturing and expiry.

Culinary Uses
· It is added to beverages and liqueurs, mainly for its refreshing flavour.
· Add the cool taste of peppermint to beverages and recipes instantly. It can also be used in any hot or cold drink, such as milk, green tea, herb tea, water

How to Store
Store it in the refrigerator, sealed properly.

Health Benefits
· It is said to be the cooling agent.
· Hippocrates believe, it has diuretic and stimulating qualities

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