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Tangy, sweet pineapple offers a fruity snack that will take you to the vast green fields of fresh, growing pineapples. There, fresh ripe pineapples are hand picked, sliced (into rings or chunks) and dried for 24 hours. No chemicals, sugars or preservatives are added to the process which ensures that the pineapple retains their natural sweetness. A truly awesome snack! If you like pineapple, you will love these crunchy tidbits.
Pineapple is commonly grown in many tropical countries. The pineapple fruit is peeled and sliced into various sizes and soaked in a sweet slur to firm up the product. When it is cut into small 1/2" x 1/2 cubes, they are commonly called "pineapple dices". Sometimes the cut is in the form of a circle - called a "pineapple ring". The most common cut is the middle size - "the pineapple tidbit".

How to Select
They are commonly found in health food stores as a more natural sweet dessert item. However, check on the contents, as many brands might use sugar or other ingredients. Verify the dates of manufacturing and expiry to obtain maximum freshness.

Culinary Uses
" Golden and delicious naturally dried pineapple cut wedge into chunk tidbits. These are a great natural snack.
" A tropical taste delight-this is like eating candy.
" Pineapple tidbits are great alone or can be added to your favourite mixes for a tropical flavour.
" Being naturally sweet is frequently added to dessert, cakes, custards, salads, pizza and pasta and can be added to pineapple juice too.

How to Store
Keep it in an air tight container refrigerated. Keep the tidbits away from moisture. Use within the expiry date.

Health Benefits
" Since these are dried and stored naturally, the qualities of pineapple remain the same. Only to maximize the shelf life it is immersed in sugar syrup and a few of preservatives and additives may be added, which are not so good for health.

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