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What is salted biscuit?

Salted biscuit is a large diameter biscuit that has a crumbly texture and a salty flavour, which is quite tempting to people of all age groups. It goes well with tea and coffee, and can be used as a canapé too.

How to select salted biscuit

• There are several brands of salted biscuits available in the market including Parle’s Monaco and Britannia’s Time Pass.
• The biscuits are available in many pack sizes – so choose what is convenient for you.
• Check the seal of the package, and the manufacturing and expiry dates, before purchasing.
• Feel the pack to ensure that the biscuits are not broken inside.

Culinary Uses of salted biscuit

• It tastes delicious either plain or with toppings of your choice - cottage cheese, steamed vegetables, spices, cheese dips, mayonnaise or jam.
• Some people enjoy salted biscuits along with tea or coffee.

How to store salted biscuit

• Once opened, store it in airtight container at room temperature.
• Avoid air or moisture exposure as it might lose its crispiness and could become sticky too.
• Once opened, it will stay good for 2 to 3 weeks

Health benefits of salted biscuit

• Salted biscuits are high in refined carb sugars and salt, which means they can cause a rapid rise in blood-pressure levels.
• Moderate intake is fine but excess will harm.
• Obese and hypertensive people should avoid these biscuits. Also, people having water retention should be alert when consuming salted biscuits.

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