stewed apples

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Other Name
Soft Apple, Semi-mashed apple.

Stewed Apple is very easy to chew, digest and has a soothing effect. It is mostly given to infants and old people who have denture problems. Peel and chop apples, put them in a pan add a little water and sugar (as per taste) and leave them on a medium/low heat, keep an eye on them so the pan does not become dry. Strain it and cool. Eat it warm or cold as preferred.

How to Select
Purchase well-colored apples that are firm, with a fresh (not musty) fragrance. Skins should be smooth, with no bruises.

Culinary Uses
· Stewed apple can be mixed with milk. A little honey or sugar will make it yummier.
· If you are stewing apples to make a pie mix both cooking and eating apples and throw in some sugar and some cinnamon.
· Use it for applesauce, salads, every apple recipe.

It can be stored in an air-tight container, in a refrigerator. It is but advisable to use fresh as and when needed.

Health Benefits
Easy Chewing Easy Digestibility - instant energy.