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Ice-cream flavoured with strawberries. This vibrant frozen dessert offers fresh berry flavour at its best. This ice-cream is available in the market but can also be made at home easily using fresh sweet strawberries when they are in season. Artificial flavours and essence are also sometimes used to enhance the colour and taste of this ice-cream. The common ingredients used to make this delicious ice-cream are milk, sugar, strawberries, cream and sometimes strawberry crush, essence or flavours.It may also be made using sugar-substitute instead of sugar so as to make it suitable for diabetics and weight-watchers.

How to select
Always check for the manufacturing date and expiry date while buying from the market.

Culinary uses
This ice-cream is served as a dessert by itself.
Strawberry ice-cream is also used in chilled frozen drinks like milkshakes and smoothies.
It is also used in a variety of desserts like sundaes, pies etc.

How to store
Store the ice-cream sealed in an air-tight container in the freezer.

Health benefits
Strawberry ice-cream being made from milk is a good source of calcium and carbohydrates.
However, since it contains a high amount of sugar and cream, weight-watchers should be careful with the portion size.

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