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A cake-decorating turntable makes it easy to decorate professional-looking desserts at home. It normally consists of a platform with a soft-grip ring and smooth-rolling track which works left- or right-handed. It is made of a non-slip base, offers ergonomic height and locks to ensure sturdy use. Often many turntables have a removable platform for easy cleanup and hygiene. They are made of various materials like wood, plastic, etc.

How to Select
• Choose a turntable with removable top as it is easy to clean
• Check for smoothness of the turntable
• Choose the size according to your requirements

Culinary Uses
• To garnish a variety of cakes easily without tiring yourself too much
• To keep the cakes in an ideal position while decorating them

How to Store
Always clean the turntable well with water and detergent to remove the grease and dry it well before storing.