wasabi sauce

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Wasabi Sauce is an exotic sauce made from the wasabi plant, grown mainly in the mountain valley regions of Japan. Wasabi is also called Japanese horseradish. It has a sharp and earthy taste, which is known to ‘hit the nose rather than the tongue’. That is, when you taste a drop of it, the flavour rises to the nose with a slight tingle or stinging sensation.
Wasabi sauce is available in powder or paste form – generally green in colour. Since wasabi grows only in some locations, the sauce is quite expensive.

How to select
• Wasabi sauce is available in small, tube-like packaging.
• Read the label before purchasing.

Culinary uses
• Wasabi sauce is used in Japanese cooking.
• It is a basic accompaniment served alongside Sushi.

How to store
• Store it in an airtight container.
• Keep it refrigerated all the time.