Banana Puree for Babies

Banana Puree for Babies

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Banana Puree for Babies, banana is one fruit which most paediatricians recommend to start with. Mash the banana with a fork nicely so as to ensure there are no lumps.

This Banana Puree for Babies requires two teaspoons of milk to get a smooth consistency and to avoid the banana being too thick and difficult to swallow.

However, paediatricians do not recommend feeding fat-rich packed milk at the 7 months. So, as far as possible use mother’s milk to prepare this Banana Puree for Babies. Else, go for cow’s milk, which is easier to digest than buffalo milk – but in either case, check whether the milk suits your kid.

Once your baby grows a little older, you can avoid the milk and feed plain mashed banana.

Enjoy how to make Banana Puree for Babies recipe with detailed step by step photos below.

Banana Puree for Babies recipe - How to make Banana Puree for Babies

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     Makes 0.5 servings
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For Banana Puree For Babies
1/2 cup mashed banana
2 tsp mothers or cow's milk

For banana puree for babies

    For banana puree for babies
  1. To make banana puree for babies, combine the banana and milk in a bowl and mix well.
  2. Serve the banana puree for babies immediately.
Nutrient values ½ cup

116 kcal
1.2 gm
27.2 gm
Invisible Fat
0.3 gm
1.8 gm
Banana Puree for Babies recipe with step by step photos

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For Banana Mash for Babies

  1. Choose the correct banana.  Buy the type of banana as suggested by your paediatrician - regular or elaichi banana. Buy fairly firm bananas with smooth skin. Prefer bananas with the stem intact, as ones that are open at the eyes tend to attract flies and mosquitoes and can be a source of contamination. Moreover choose a perfectly ripe banana. Yellow colour depicts its ripeness. The more the green colour, the more unripe they are. Feel it - it gives in slightly when you press and has a fruity smell.
  2. Peel the banana. Peel the banana well and discard the peel. 
  3. Remove the 2 ends of the banana. The ends of banana are usually slightly black and best if removed and discarded. 
  4. Chop or slice it. Place the peeled banana on a clean chopping board and using a sterilized knife slice or chop the banana. Use this banana immediately. On keeping it open for a long time it oxidizes and turns black due to exposure to air. 
  5. Mash the banana. Using a spoon or a fork mash the banana very well. No pieces of banana should remain. This is very important to ensure to avoid choking. Alternatively you can also use a clean mixer jar for pureeing the banana. 
  6. Add liquid if needed. This is needed to make the Banana Puree for babies smooth and get a creamier texture. Prefer using breast milk, cow’s milk or water. Use cow’s milk only if you have already served it to your before and no allergies to it have been noticed. This step is a must when serving Banana Puree in the beginning stages of weaning at around 7 months. Once the baby is 9 months plus, you can avoid adding the liquid and feed thick puree. 
  7. Mix Banana Puree for babies well. After adding the milk, mixing it well using a spoon is very important to get a uniform Banana Puree for babies (Banana Mash) which is easy for the baby to chew and gulp. 
  8. Serve Banana Puree for babies immediately. As mentioned earlier, banana oxidizes and turns black immediately. Use an attractive bowl and spoon for serving. 
  9. Try a variety of other puree. Once you baby has got accustomed to Banana Puree for a week, it’s time to explore something new. Try Papaya Puree, Banana and Papaya Puree or Papaya and Mango Puree

10 Helpful Notes for Banana Puree for Babies

  1. Banana is one the first fruit mothers tend to begin their baby’s weaning with. It’s a sweet fruit and easy to mash and feed. Most babies like the taste of Banana Puree for babies
  2. Banana provides instant energy for growing babies. 
  3. Do not use under ripe or over ripe banana. Under ripe makes chewing very difficult and over ripe has an off flavour. 
  4. Use only sterilized bowls, spoons and forks for mixing and serving. 
  5. Breast milk is the best liquid to use for getting a smooth Banana Puree. Cow’s milk should be used only after your paediatrician's consultation. 
  6. Feed your baby yourself. This will give you personal time with your little one and strengthen the maternal bond of love. 
  7. In the beginning, let the baby lick and feel the texture and flavour of the puree. If the baby loves it, s(he) will definitely show tell-tale signs of wanting more.  
  8. Do not overfeed. It is always better to be guided by your baby’s appetite. Babies don’t stay hungry, they make up in their next meal. 
  9. Do not add any extra sugar to Banana Puree. Remember food habits laid down in this stage remain forever. 
  10. If your little one has cold or cough, avoid Banana Mash


Banana Mash ( Baby and Toddler)
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Perfect food to begin weaning with… all baby''s enjoy. But remember to feed it to your baby immediately once you make it.