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 Benefits of Papaya

15 Reasons to Eat More Papaya + Healthy Papaya Recipes

benefits of papaya. 15 reasons to eat papaya. Deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency, it is no wonder the papaya is reputably called the "fruit of the angels". Once considered quite exotic, they can now be found in markets throughout the year.

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Papaya PassionPapaya Passion

1. Low Glycemic Load

Even if the glycemic index of papaya is medium (60), it has huge potential benefits which makes it super healthy to consume. This is because the glycemic load of papaya is only 6.4 for 1 cup of papaya (140 grams) which falls under low glycemic load range fruit.



2. Good for Weight loss

Fruits and vegetables is an important part of a diet when you want to lose few kgs. As 1 cup of papaya is estimated to provide around 44 calories, it is a much better choice over fried snacks. Incorporating papaya in your diet will give you a feeling of fullness since it has good amount of fiber. Thus proven to be a good choice for weight watchers.

3. Safe for Diabetics

The question is even if the glycemic index of papaya comes under medium range how this fruit is beneficial for diabetics? This is because the glycemic load of the fruit is just 6.4 for 1 cup of papaya. It is very important to understand the distribution of carbohydrates throughout the day so that your blood sugar doesn’t fluctuate. 

4. Low Carb

Papaya is low in carbs and therefore does not raise blood glucose levels. One cup of papaya cubes has only 10 grams of carb. Perfect food for a healthy life style.

5. Relieves Constipation

Papaya contains a special enzyme called as papain which is a very powerful digestive aid, helps in detoxifying the body. Papaya promotes digestive health as it acts as a laxative and helps to overcome constipation. Papaya puree has been found to be very effective in treating constipation therefore can also be given to elderly who suffer from recurrent constipation (1). Although whole fruit is best, you can also enjoy it as papaya juice, provided you make it in a juicer and do not strain it like done in the recipe of Papaya Green Apple Smoothie. You need to have at least 1 – 1 1/2 cups of juice or more to get relief from constipation.

Papaya and Green Apple Smoothie

Papaya and Green Apple Smoothie

6. Reduces Fatigue

About 31.81% of Recommended Daily Allowance of Riboflavin (Also known as Vitamin B2) comes from 1 Cup Papaya Cubes. Vitamin B-2 helps in breaking down of the macronutrients -- protein, carbohydrate and fat. Riboflavin, in the form of FAD, helps your body break down fats and carbohydrates into energy. Other B-vitamins like thiamine, niacin, pyridoxine and folate are also present in papaya that are involved in energy metabolism reactions in our body. Try Papaya Pear and Yoghurt Smoothie

Papaya Pear and Yoghurt SmoothiePapaya Pear and Yoghurt Smoothie

7. Prevents Night Blindness
Papayas are rich in flavonoids like beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin which keeps the membranes of the eyes healthy and prevents its damage. It helps to prevent deterioration of the eye as one gets older and prevents night blindness. Sadly in India, poor rural families who don't get enough fruits like papaya have high incidence of night-blindness. This is easily preventable if yellow-orange fruits and vegetables like papaya and carrot are regularly included in the diet. A study conducted on beta-carotene showed that it reversed retinal dystrophy (2).

8. Glowing Young Skin
The high vitamin C and antioxidants in papaya makes it an anti-ageing fruit. Have 1 to 2 big slices of papaya daily to get a soft and smooth skin. Papaya puree applied on skin or papaya slices rubbed on face, acts as a skin cleanser and helps to get a glow on the face. It is also rich in vitamin C, which helps in the formation of collagen and improves skin health. Try Papaya Pineapple Juice for a healthy glowing skin

Papaya Pineapple Juice

Papaya Pineapple Juice

9. Protects against sunburn
There is evidence that beta-carotene present in yellow orange fruits and vegetables like papaya and carrot protect the skin against sunburn (solar erythema) by increasing the basal defense against UV light-mediated damage (3).

10. Healthy Hair

Vitamin A from papaya is utilized in the production of sebum, a compound necessary for our body to keep our hair smooth and lustrous.

11. Good for Blood

Papaya is high in Folate or folic acid, which is important for rapid growth and multiplication of RBC’s and white blood cells in the bone marrow. One Cup Papaya cubes has 85.26 mcg of folic acid which is 46.89% of Recommended Daily Allowance and is good to have before (preconception) and during pregnancy as the requirements increase. Recipes like and Tomato Orange Carrot and Papaya Juice give a good dose of B-vitamins like thiamine and folate which are crucial for pregnancy.

Tomato, Orange, Carrot and Papaya Juice

Tomato, Orange, Carrot and Papaya Juice

12. Analgesic

The enzyme papain in papaya is known to relive the arthritis pain. Research has shown that papain is useful in reducing inflammation and pain and may be better than some anti-inflammatory drugs (4).

13. Enhances Immune System

It is also known to enhance your immune support and helps build a shield against common infections. About 1 cup of Papaya cubes provide 498.75% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. The Vitamin C enables your body to process WBC (white blood cells) provided you have the correct amount each day. This will boost your immunity. Carotenoids have been linked with the enhancement of immune system (5).

14. Protects Against Heart Diseases

Being rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, it helps to protect against heart diseases by oxidizing the excess Cholesterol. Papaya and Apple Frappe is a heart friendly drink as it gives you ample of antioxidants.

Papaya and Apple Frappé

Papaya and Apple Frappé

15. Cancer Protective

A whole lot of antioxidants and flavonoids present in papaya together aid in preventing from undergoing free radical damage and thus prevents cancer (6).


So get set to select that most yellowish-orange papaya with a tint of green and welcome health.

Nutrition Information for Papaya, Papita

Nutritional Information for One Cup Papaya Cubes
One Cup Papaya Cubes is 140 grams.
RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance.

44 Calories
0.84 grams of Protein
10 grams of Carbs
0.14 grams of Fat

Sweet and Sour Raw Papaya PickleSweet and Sour Raw Papaya Pickle

See full nutritional details of papaya in Papaya, Papita glossary click here.


Papaya as a Part of Your Diet

Papaya comes with plenty of benefits and since now you know about them, you will obviously include them in your diet. Give a boost of Vitamin A and Vitamin C to your salads and smoothies by adding this juicy fruit. Papaya Melon Smoothie is a great combination of papaya and muskmelon. Detox your body with fruit infused waters like Lemony Papaya Infused Water and Muskmelon Papaya Infused Water.

Golden Glow Papaya and Honey Juice has a pleasant taste with lots of nutritional goodness that will make you glow. A healthy drink like Pineapple and Papaya Passion is good for pregnancy and you should have after 1st trimester has ended. These fruits acts as diuretics to flush your system.

Golden Glow, Papaya and Honey JuiceGolden Glow, Papaya and Honey Juice

Enjoy all our papaya salad and smoothie recipes!

Do try our other recipes from our website.

15 Reasons To Eat More Papaya

Surprise your kid with this unusual combination of papaya and pineapple! let the little one explore the tangy taste even while topping up on varied nutrients and fibre! A glass of this juice provides 4 gm of fibre, which aids in digestion.
A smoothie deserves to be called a meal in a glass, because it is not only satiating but by virtue of the fruits used, it also provides ample nutrition. This energy boosting Papaya, Green Apple and Orange Smoothie is rich in vitamins and fibre. While the fruits and curds energize you, the lingering, mildly tangy flavour of this smoothie refreshes your taste buds too! Use only ripe papayas for this drink. If you do not find green apples, just use red apples instead; that tastes top too!
Raw papaya has a mind-blowing crunch that can easily outdo other choices like cucumber and even carrots! Its mildly sweet flavour is also a delight to savour, especially when it is combined with appropriate ingredients like crunchy peanuts, spicy capsicum and tangy tomatoes. Lemon juice and coriander add to the excitement, resulting in a fun-packed Papaya, Peanuts and Capsicum Salad! This salad fits well in Thai as well as Indian cuisine menu.
papaya cabbage and bean sprouts salad recipe | Thai papaya bean sprouts salad | veg bean sprouts salad | with 29 amazing images. papaya cabbage and bean sprouts salad recipe | Thai papaya bean sprouts salad | veg bean sprouts salad is a colourful wholesome salad. Learn how to make Thai papaya bean sprouts salad. To make papaya cabbage and bean sprouts salad, combine the papaya, cabbage, spring onions, bean sprouts and tomatoes in a bowl and mix well. Just before serving, pour the dressing over the salad and toss well. Serve immediately garnished with the peanuts and coriander. Combining fruits and veggies in a salad is always a great idea as it produces a very balanced taste and texture. However, the combo has to be selected carefully so that the ingredients complement and bring out the best in each other. Veg bean sprouts salad is a classic example of a perfect combo of ingredients, hue, texture and flavour. The Thai papaya bean sprouts salad, ably supported by tomato cubes and spring onion greens is perfection incarnate. With a tangy dressing and a crunchy peanut garnish, it simply takes the diner to foodie heaven! To make a healthier version of papaya cabbage and bean sprouts salad, all you need to do is avoid the use of sugar. Lemon juice will help balance the flavours, but you may need to adjust the soy sauce and green chillies as per your taste. Benefits from loads of antioxidants this salad is brimming with and welcome health. Tips for papaya cabbage and bean sprouts salad. 1. You can garnish the salad with whole roasted peanuts if you want and not coarsely crushed. I at times use whole roasted peanuts or a combination of coarsely crushed and whole roasted peanuts. 2. Always use crisp bean sprouts when making the Thai salad. 3. Just before serving, pour the dressing over the salad. Enjoy papaya cabbage and bean sprouts salad recipe | Thai papaya bean sprouts salad | veg bean sprouts salad | with step by step photos.
Papaya Coconut Drink shares it's colour with the sun during twilight which is a delight to the eye and the taste buds! Coconut water is an age-old remedy to beat the heat and cool your body. It is also an excellent source of potassium that is required for maintaining the water balance in our body as well as for normal functioning of the heart. Fibre from papaya works at its best when fluid is made available as it absorbs the water and swells, which eases bowel movements and thus keeps our body away from unwanted toxins. Enjoy with a fruity snack like Fruit Chaat or Sprout and Fruit Bhel .
Traditionally, frappé refers to a foam-covered coffee drink, but here we have used this frothy format to make a caffeine-free, fruity drink! The Papaya and Apple Frappe is a refreshing chilled drink with the tangy flavour of curds, the natural sweetness of honey, the satiating texture of fruits and the melt-in-the-mouth sensation of foam. Note that this fibre-rich drink is not strained, which adds to its unique mouth-feel, and is sweetened mildly with honey, which is essential to balance the taste. Serve it immediately before the froth subsides.
This snazzy orange coloured-carbohydrate rich juice is a fulfilling breakfast idea. The papaya being alkaline by nature prevents acidity and the lemon juice makes it more interesting by imparting its flavourful touch.
If you do not have time for an elaborate breakfast, whip up a Papaya Mango Smoothie. It is flavourful and colourful and nutritious too, as both papaya and mango are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. This sumptuous smoothie will surely keep you satiated and energetic till lunchtime, just as though you have had a full breakfast.
papaya green apple smoothie recipe | healthy apple papaya Indian smoothie | seb papaya smoothie | with 16 amazing images. papaya green apple smoothie recipe | healthy apple papaya Indian smoothie | seb papaya smoothie is a perfect on the go nourishing drink when you have no time for breakfast. Learn how to make healthy apple papaya Indian smoothie. To make papaya green apple smoothie, combine all the ingredients in a mixer and blend till smooth and frothy. Pour the smoothie into 5 individual glasses and serve immediately or refrigerate and serve later. The delightful flavour and amazing texture of this seb papaya smoothie will surely be noticed by you! An amazing blend of fruits, curds and vanilla essence makes this a real heart throb. You can add Greek yoghurt as a substitute to curd. In fact, once you taste it, this papaya green apple smoothie will win hands down over any junky snack you might consider as an alternative. And it is good for you too, as it contains ample good fat to keep you energetic and active throughout the day. Plus, fibre-rich green apples are bound to keep you satiated for a long time. You will be happy to note that this slow and steady energy giver is perfect for driving you through a workout or sports activity. This healthy apple papaya Indian smoothie has not been strained and thus most of the fibre is retained. So this smoothie is a wise pick for weight-watchers and heart patients patients. Tips for papaya green apple smoothie. 1. Add 1/2 tbsp honey (optional). We have shown it here if you wish to make your smoothie really sweet. Usage of green apples provides natural sweetness. I made this smoothie without honey. 2. Put the 2 cups roughly chopped papaya into the freezer as this is important aspect of getting the smoothie chilled. Enjoy papaya green apple smoothie recipe | healthy apple papaya Indian smoothie | seb papaya smoothie | with step by step photos.
tomato orange carrot and papaya juice recipe | papaya carrot juice | benefits of orange carrot papaya juice | healthy carrot papaya juice for skin | with 12 amazing images. tomato orange carrot and papaya juice recipe | papaya carrot juice | benefits of orange carrot papaya juice | healthy carrot papaya juice for skin is a perfect morning concoction to rejuvenate our senses and gain in some nutrients. Learn how to make healthy carrot papaya juice for skin. To make tomato orange carrot and papaya juice, combine all the ingredients along with ¾ cup of water in a mixer and blend till smooth. Strain the mixture using a strainer. Pour equal quantities of the juice into 4 individual glasses and top with 1 ice cube in each glass. Serve immediately. Health-freaks will definitely love this drink not just for its nutrients but also for its colour and taste. The fruits and vegetables used to prepare this papaya carrot juice have been carefully chosen, which is infused with sufficient vitamin A, vitamin C and digestive enzymes, to meet a daily requirement. There are more benefits of orange carrot papaya juice too! It is very satisfying and satiating and provides only 67 calories! All the fruits and veggies lend good amounts of fibre too. To retain the fibre, use a strainer with a big hole to strain the juice. Further, this healthy carrot papaya juice for skin is brimming with antioxidants like lycopene and papain which helps to remove the harmful free radicals from the body, which otherwise may damage our skin less and lead to early wrinkles before ageing. These antioxidants also help in preventing the onset of cancer. Health Tips for tomato orange carrot and papaya juice. 1. We suggest you use a high quality blender which requires no straining. This fibre is sure to keep you full for a long time. 2. Also serve this immediately upon blending as vitamin C is a volatile nutrient and some of it is lost on exposure to air. 3. If serving for weight loss, do not add the ice-cubes. Enjoy tomato orange carrot and papaya juice recipe | papaya carrot juice | benefits of orange carrot papaya juice | healthy carrot papaya juice for skin | with step by step photos.


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