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 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Tomatoes

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13 Amazing Healthy Benefits of Tomatoes + Healthy Recipes

Juicy, pulpy, bright-red tomatoes are now available year-round, though the tomatoes are best when they are in season from July to September. They are available in endless varieties viz. small cherry tomatoes, bright yellow tomatoes, Italian pear-shaped tomatoes, and the green tomato forming an integral part of cuisines across the globe.


Be it Sambhar from South India , a subzi from the North, or a salsa from elsewhere, many foods owe their superb texture, taste and colour to tomatoes. Common though the veggie (technically a fruit) is, it has a distinct tang, vibrant colour and juicy mouth-feel that set it apart from other ingredients. Sometimes the tomatoes are chopped and sautéed, sometimes they are pureed and added to the dish, but whatever form they take, their presence is felt. You can work it into a juice, soup, subzi, dal, rice or many more such dishes, as we have shown in this article.

They are easy to cultivate and grow very quickly, making them a great source of nutrients required for the normal growth and development.

1. Powerful Antioxidant:

 Tomatoes are extremely rich source of Lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant which scavenges the free radicals that causes cellular inflammation. Inflammation is the major cause of all the diseases. When one thinks of Tomatoes, only Lycopene comes to mind. Lycopene in the blood may reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases and decrease cellular inflammation.


2. Get all your Vitamin C at one go:

Tomatoes are super rich in Vitamin C and provide maximum of your daily requirement in just one cup. Great to fight colds and coughs. Eat one or two raw tomatoes daily to get your vitamin C and also increase your iron absorption.

Vitamin C

3. Good for Heart :

The lycopene content in tomatoes prevents LDL oxidation and thus reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides in the blood. These two components are the main cause of inflammation increasing cardiovascular disease risk. Tomatoes being fat and cholesterol free, is an ideal option to keep your heart healthy.

Healthy Heart

4. Good for Weight Loss :

One cup of chopped tomato provides you only around 31 calories because it significantly has more than 80 % of water, fair amount of fiber (2.6 g) and other beneficial nutrients which keeps you satiated for a longer period of time without having to consume high calorie food. Tomatoes are almost devoid of fats. Remember, no food can cause weight loss, it is important to burn more calories than you consume. Exercise plays a crucial in burning your calories, but ultimately you have to replace your high calorie food by low ones such as tomatoes to reduce the overall intake of calories in a day. Use tomatoes in your salads with sprouts and other vegetables, add it to your raita or simply have a bowl full of tomatoes. It is advisable to have certain vegetables in its raw form than cooked so that there is no nutrient loss. 

Weight Loss


5. Tomatoes are a Pregnant women's friend :

One cup of tomatoes provides 23% of your Folic Acid requirements. So have your tomatoes as part of topping up your folic acid from lots of sources. 

Tomatoes are rich in Folate or Folic Acid which helps your body to produce and maintain new cells, especially red blood cells.


6. Provides Energy :

Tomatoes are a good source of Thiamine which helpd form ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which body uses to provide energy.


7. Makes bones strong :

Calcium from Tomatoes will make your bones strong. As the human body consistently remove small amounts of calcium from our bones and that has to be topped up with Calcium rich foods.


8. Good for Diabetics :

Since tomatoes are very low in carbohydrates (5.6 grams of CHO in 1 cup of sliced tomato), the glycemic load of tomato is estimated to be around 1. It also has 2.6 grams of fiber in 1 cup of sliced tomatoes which will add on to the slow absorption of nutrients and keeps your blood sugar levels under control. Thus a super food for diabetics.


9. Improves your vision:

Being rich in Vitamin Ait is very effective in improving and maintaining your vision. . In its retinal form it combines with the protein ‘opsin’ to form rhodopsin which is an essential light absorbing molecule that aids is vision, especially in dim light.


10. Low Carb Diet:

One cup of chopped tomatoes contains around 5.5 grams of carbohydrates which makes it a low carbohydrate ingredient and those who are on low carb diet can safely consume tomatoes.


11. Urinary Infection :

What’s more, its high water content is known to be work against urinary infection too – this being a common problem amongst office and school goers, especially in the summer months, we have all the more reason to stock up on tomatoes!


12)   Keeps your bowel movements regular:

Tomatoes being high in fiber, helps in keeping your bowel movements regular.

Fiber adds bulks to your food and encourage smooth peristaltic motion in your digestive muscles. Thus aids in maintaining your overall digestive health.


13)   Regulates your blood pressure:

Being low in sodium and high in potassium, tomatoes are an ideal option for people with high blood pressure. They maintain your blood pressure and balances your electrolyte levels.




Nutritional Information of Tomatoes

1 cup chopped Tomatoes
RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance.
Nutritional Information for 150 grams of chopped Tomatoes.

30 Calories
1.38 grams of Protein
5.54 grams of Carbs
0.30 grams of Fat

41.5 mg of Vitamin C = 103% of RDA ( about 40 mg per day)

46.2 mcg of Folate, Vitamin B9 = 23.1% of RDA (about 200 mcg)

540 mcg of Vitamin A = 22.5% of RDA (about 2,400 mcg)

0.18 mg of Vitamin B1, Thiamine = 18.4% of RDA (about 1 mg per day)

74 g of Calcium = 12.3% of RDA (about 600 mg)

2.61 g of Fiber = 10.4% of RDA (about 25 g )

0.09 mg of Riboflavin, Vitamin B2 = 8.4% % of RDA (about 1.1 mg)

0.61 mg of Vitamin B3, Niacin = 5.1% of RDA (about 12 mg)

31 mg of Phosphorus : 5.1 % of RDA (about 600 mg for adult)

225 mg of Potassium = 4.7% of RDA (about 4700 mg)

0.98 mg of Iron = 4.6% of RDA (about 21 mg)

1.38 g of Protein = 3.78% of RDA ( about 55 g)



Top 10 Healthy Tomatoe Recipes

The Tomato Apple Drink is a simple treat of tomatoes and apples sweetened with honey, while the Garlicky Lentil and Tomato Soup is a more sumptuous fare made with masoor dal and tomatoes, without any unhealthy thickeners. The Tomato Onion Raita is an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy accompaniment that is nonetheless very healthy.

The Kerala Style Tomato Dal, made of toovar dal and tomatoes in coconut gravy, is another tasty dish that gives you a nutrition boost. The Tomato Cucumber Onion Salad is super fast to make and its low carb, low fat and diabetic friendly.

These and many more tomato-based delights await you in this article, and on our website and mobile app. Bring home a basketful of tomatoes and get started!

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

tomato onion chutney | onion tomato chutney recipe | South Indian style tomato chutney | tomato chutney recipe | with 18 amazing photos. onion tomato chutney is inspired from South Indian cuisine. It is made with tomatoes, onions and spices. The flavor is tangy, spicy and also has a nutty aroma. Traditionally tomato onion chutney is made in mortar and pestle but now a days no one uses those complex methods and instead use a food processor or a grinder. Chutney's are made in every Indian household and each has their style of preparing it. Chutney's are basically condiments and dips and we show you how to make tomato onion chutney. As i said every household has their own style of making South Indian style tomato chutney using some of the basic ingredients used in every Indian household. We had made onion tomato chutney using tomatoes which are the base of the chutney and provide tanginess. Next we have used onions which balance the tanginess of tomatoes, further chana dal and urad dal which provide a nutty taste and aroma to the chutney, few green chillies for some spice, curry leaves for some freshness and we have cooked all these ingredients and blend them together to get a smooth paste. Thereafter we have tempered tomato onion chutney as South Indian chutney's are incomplete without tempering. We have only used mustard seeds and kashmiri red chillie for the tempering which perks up the flavor of the tomato onion chutney. South Indian style tomato chutney goes really well with idlis, dosas, vadas and appam. onion tomato chutney is my go to chutney on weekends for breakfast. It is extremely quick and easy to make and its my family's favorite chutney. Also, you can store tomato onion chutney the refrigerator for 10 days but you need to pack it in a air tight container. Enjoy tomato onion chutney | onion tomato chutney recipe | South Indian style tomato chutney | tomato chutney recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
A cool blend of vitamins A, C and lycopene, which is so delicious you will never guess it is a health drink! The Tomato Apple Drink wins due to the smart combination of ingredients, which give an out-of-the-world flavour and a good nutrient boost as well. Tomatoes, known for their antioxidant properties combine beautifully with the well-known apple, which helps keep the doctor away! Honey enhances the natural sweetness of this drink, rounding off its flavour very well. It is important to strain this drink in order to get the proper flavour and texture. Although this means that you lose out on some fibre, the other nutrients are still there for grabs, so don’t worry! Serve this at a party, and your guests will thank you for choosing this over typical calorie-loaded options.
tomato shorba recipe | tomato and coconut milk soup | healthy tomato shorba | with 20 amazing images. tomato shorba is a tangy soup made from tomatoes and coconut milk, mildly spiced with cumin seeds and green chillies. Ingredients for tomato shorba are easily available in every Indian kitchen. The addition of jaggery imparts a slight sweetness and reduces the sourness of tomatoes, making the tomato shorba soup all the more pleasing to the palate. Notes and tips to make the perfect tomato shorba. 1. To make the tomato shorba, in a deep non-stick pan, add the tomatoes. Always make use of red plump tomatoes to get a pleasant tangy flavour. 2. Strain the mixture using a strainer and keep aside. This is done so we have a smooth tomato shorba. 3. Add the besan. This gives little thickness to the soup. Let’s see why this is a healthy tomato shorba ? Coconut milk contains some amount of potassium which is beneficial for those with high blood pressure .The lauric acid present in coconut milk has a positive effect on cholesterol levels improves heart health too. Tomatoes are a powerful antioxidant, super rich in vitamin C, good for heart. Tomatoes are a Pregnant women's friend and are rich in Folate or Folic Acid which helps your body to produce and maintain new cells, especially red blood cells. Serve Indian tomato shorba hot. Learn to make tomato shorba recipe | tomato and coconut milk soup | healthy tomato shorba | with step by step photos below.
This unusual soup has been prepared from masoor dal, which is known for being rich in protein and zinc. Tomatoes give it a lovely red tinge whereas onions and garlic impart an enticing aroma. I’ve blended this soup to give it a nice creamy texture without actually adding cream! It’s a great soup, which fills you up before the meal so that you do not binge on other high-calorie foods.
tomato onion raita recipe | onion tomato raita | pyaz tamatar ka raita | healthy onion tomato raita | with 9 amazing images. One of the most popular raitas in both North and South India, the tomato onion raita also called onion tomato raita combines the tangy taste of tomatoes with the sharp taste and juicy crunch of onions, to make a fabulous raita. Each ingredient used in the tomato onion raita is simply basic and consists of tomatoes, onions, green chillies, jeera and whisked curds. A raita is basically curds that have been whisked and flavoured with some spices or vegetables. In this case we have used onions and tomatoes in making tomato onion raita. This is a super quick and delicious tomato onion raita to make! When I the mood to eat raita, tomato onion raita is the quickest and easiest raita to make in 10 minutes. A dash of cumin seeds powder, some green chillies and a garnish of coriander go a long way in making this onion tomato raita totally irresistible. The South Indian variant includes a tempering of mustard seeds and red chillies, for a bit more spice! Enjoy this flavoursome onion tomato raita with your favourite pulao, paratha or khichdi. See why this is a healthy onion tomato raita recipe. Made from curds which help in weight reduction, good for your heart and build immunity. Tomatoes are a powerful antioxidant, super rich in vitamin C, good for heart. Tomatoes are a Pregnant women's friend and are rich in Folate or Folic Acid which helps your body to produce and maintain new cells, especially red blood cells. While it can be had at room temperature, the tomato onion raita tastes best when served chilled because refrigeration enhances the juiciness of the tomatoes and the creaminess of the curds. You may also like to try other A raita recipes like Mint Raita and Spinach Raita. Learn to make tomato onion raita recipe | onion tomato raita | pyaz tamatar ka raita | healthy onion tomato raita | with detailed step by step recipe photos and video below.
tomato orange carrot and papaya juice recipe | papaya carrot juice | benefits of orange carrot papaya juice | healthy carrot papaya juice for skin | with 12 amazing images. tomato orange carrot and papaya juice recipe | papaya carrot juice | benefits of orange carrot papaya juice | healthy carrot papaya juice for skin is a perfect morning concoction to rejuvenate our senses and gain in some nutrients. Learn how to make healthy carrot papaya juice for skin. To make tomato orange carrot and papaya juice, combine all the ingredients along with ¾ cup of water in a mixer and blend till smooth. Strain the mixture using a strainer. Pour equal quantities of the juice into 4 individual glasses and top with 1 ice cube in each glass. Serve immediately. Health-freaks will definitely love this drink not just for its nutrients but also for its colour and taste. The fruits and vegetables used to prepare this papaya carrot juice have been carefully chosen, which is infused with sufficient vitamin A, vitamin C and digestive enzymes, to meet a daily requirement. There are more benefits of orange carrot papaya juice too! It is very satisfying and satiating and provides only 67 calories! All the fruits and veggies lend good amounts of fibre too. To retain the fibre, use a strainer with a big hole to strain the juice. Further, this healthy carrot papaya juice for skin is brimming with antioxidants like lycopene and papain which helps to remove the harmful free radicals from the body, which otherwise may damage our skin less and lead to early wrinkles before ageing. These antioxidants also help in preventing the onset of cancer. Health Tips for tomato orange carrot and papaya juice. 1. We suggest you use a high quality blender which requires no straining. This fibre is sure to keep you full for a long time. 2. Also serve this immediately upon blending as vitamin C is a volatile nutrient and some of it is lost on exposure to air. 3. If serving for weight loss, do not add the ice-cubes. Enjoy tomato orange carrot and papaya juice recipe | papaya carrot juice | benefits of orange carrot papaya juice | healthy carrot papaya juice for skin | with step by step photos.
tomato cucumber and onion salad recipe | healthy kachumber salad | cucumber tomato onion salad | how to make onion tomato cucumber salad at home | with 11 amazing photos. Tomato Cucumber and Onion Salad is a quick recipe with a mind-blowing crunch. This Healthy Kachumber Salad has a slightly spicy lemony dressing, which is the highlight of this recipe. While most kachumber have finely chopped veggies, in this salad we have cut the veggies into cubes for a slightly better mouthfeel. learn How to make Onion Tomato Cucumber Salad at Home. To make Healthy Kachumber Salad, you will need 3 veggies – tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions – all the veggies which are available year round. Wash them and cut the tomatoes and cucumber into cubes, while slicing the spring onions. Make a dressing of lemon juice, finely chopped green chillies, garlic and salt. Give a mix to the dressing and add it to the veggies together. Toss the veggies and dressing and serve. Cucumber in Tomato Cucumber and Onion Salad is a vegetable with a high water content and is therefore relatively low in calories and carbohydrates. Try having cucumber with its peel which itself is a great source of fibre and many more nutrients. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and vitamin A , both of which play their role as an antioxidant and help to keep inflammation at bay and also aid in clear vision. Tomato is also the ingredient in this Healthy Kachumber Salad which lends good amounts of fiber. The fat free lemon juice dressing enhances this salad, especially when Cucumber Tomato Onion Salad is served chilled. With just 16 calories per serving, this salad is best for weight loss, low carb and keto diet. Enjoy tomato cucumber and onion salad recipe | healthy kachumber salad | cucumber tomato onion salad | how to make onion tomato cucumber salad at home | with step by step photos.
If you don’t have any exotic vegetable or ingredient at home, and yet want to quickly rustle up a different, nice salad, this is it. Chunky tomato wedges, sliced onions and cucumber slices do very well in a tangy, spicy dressing of vinegar, sugar, mustard and chilli flakes. The dressing here is boiled together here before tossing it in with the vegetables. This fiery-to-taste salad tastes even better when it is served chilled. Delicious!
This dal brings in a distinct south Indian flavor to the table. Toovar dal is cooked with a ground paste of coconut, red chilies and jeera, while tomatoes and jaggery enhance the flavor. Don’t forget to temper the dal with curry leaves and mustard seeds. Tastes awesome with steamed rice!
paneer bhurji | dry paneer bhurji | how to make paneer bhurji | with 18 mazing images. paneer bhurji is made from paneer, tomatoes, onions, spices and pav bhaji masala which are cooked together on a non stick tava. Paneer bhurji is a popular preparation loved by Indians across the world. It is an easy, spicy dish that tastes great with bread and parathas! Down South, dry paneer bhurji is sometimes used as a stuffing for dosas to make paneer dosa, similar to the aloo-filled Masala Dosa! The most important tip for making fantastic paneer bhurji is to use fresh cottage cheese, and make the bhurji just before serving, otherwise it tends to get a little soggy. We suggest you make your paneer at home and follow ourhomemade paneer recipe. We love paneer bhurji as it is healthy. Paneer contains high quality protein and calcium which aids in weight loss. Since paneer is low in carbs and high in protein it gets digested slowly and hence good for diabetics. potassium in paneer helps to reduce the effect of high sodium, by lowering blood pressure. Have Paneer Bhurji with with Indian breads like Chapati or Plain Paratha accompained with pickles and raita of your choice. Learn how to make paneer bhurji | dry paneer bhurji with detailed step by step photos and video below.


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Health Benefits of Tomatoes
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During my school days, whenever i was in kitchen, used pick up tomato from fridge and started eating. Sometimes mummy cuts tomato in halves, sprinkle little salt on it and give it me. With lots of Mom love, I liked eating those halves. Of Course, its has healthy nutrient values, but was unknown with all such benefits mentioned here in this articles. Good work by Tarla Dalal team. Its true that tomatoes can be used in any form in our daily food and i am sure that no family meals is completed without Tomatoes. They are used in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian cooking. At my home it is alway available on dinning table in form of salad, raitas, in my favourite egg burji, dals, subzis etc. etc. Finally, I like TOMATOES VERY MUCH!!!!