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 Home Cooked Lebanese Food

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Home Cooked Veg Lebanese Food

It’s Lebanese – one of the cuisines from Middle East regions. Personally witnessing the rise of Falafel and Hummus in India the Lebanese food is becoming everyone’s favourite.

Lebanese is a fusion cuisine that combines the best aspects of European and Arabic cooking styles to produce a winning combination. I know most of us associate Middle Eastern cuisines with unusal and expensive ingredients. But trust me, you will be surprised to know that Lebanese is one of the cuisines that boasts of most popular Vegetarian dishes and at the same time is fresh and light. We show you how easy it is to make Falafel at home. 

The invigorating food of Lebanon is a great combination of health and pleasure. Spicy but not too hot, rich in flavor…no wonder the whole world is welcoming this cuisine. Take a peep into some mouthwatering Lebanese delights.

Lebanese Healthy Recipes

We have the super healthy Hummus made of Chick Peas and Olive oil which can be had with a Whole Wheat Pita Bread. Then the ever famous Fattoush Salad which is made by combining toasted Pita bread with vegggies and herbs.

Home Cooked Veg Lebanese Food

An all-time favourite Lebanese dish, Falafel can classify as a sumptuous snack or a meal in its own right depending on when you have it! Here, unleavened pita bread is lined with tongue-tickling garlic chutney, topped with a tangy curd dressing and packed with scrumptious deep-fried ‘bullets’ made of a kabuli chana batter. This Middle-Eastern delight is quite filling, and looks and tastes exotic as well, so you can serve it with tea or at a party too. Serve the Falafel as soon as you assemble it, because it will get soggy if you let it soak in the dressing for too long. Do try other recipes like Paneer and Broken Wheat Patties in Whole Wheat Pita Pocket or Mediterranean Pizza .
Thanks to Mediterranean cuisine for giving us this exciting dip! Chickpea is one of the most versatile beans that abounds in all major nutrients like vitamins A and C, iron, calcium as well as fibre. Hummus makes good use of this useful bean, by making it into a chutney-like form that can be used as a spread for breads or as a dip for finger foods. Garlicky Hummus is a healthier version of the traditional Hummus, which makes use of loads of olive oil. In this Diabetic friendly version, we have drizzled just half a teaspoon of olive oil as part of the garnish, along with herbs and spice powders for a peppy flavour. We also suggest serving it with fibre-rich cucumber and carrot sticks rather than pita bread.
Boiled chickpeas is puréed with lemon, curds, garlic, parsley and oregano and drizzled with chilli powder and olive oil. The lavash tastes delicious when dipped into the herbed hummus. Enjoy!
fattoush salad | middle eastern fattoush salad | vegetarian fattoush salad | lebanese fattoush salad | with 21 amazing step by step recipes and video. Fattoush is a Lebanese salad made by combining toasted and chopped pita bread with the choicest of veggies and herbs. The texture of this Middle Eastern Fattoush salad is truly out-of-the-world, as it combines the crispiness of toasted pita bread with the juicy crunchiness of veggies. A simple but flavourful olive oil based dressing adds to the charm of this Fattoush salad, making it an incomparable treat. To make Fattoush salad healthy, you can use whole wheat pita bread and toast it, instead of pita bread made with plain flour. We have used regular pita bread to make Fattoush salad as this is readily available in bakery stores and supermarkets across India. At home, we serve Fattoush salad with some hummus and lavash or falafel. Enjoy how to make Fattoush Salad recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
Hummus, the famous traditional Lebanese spread, has a creamy chickpea texture. It tastes fantastic when served as apart of a mezze platter with Pita Bread or vegetables. Hummus has a unique flavour of chickpea, olive oil and parsley. Very healthy to eat just with cucumbers or carrots and great for weight loss and Endurance Athletes.
An easy dip made with cucumber and curds, perked up with mint, pepper and garlic, Khyaar Bi Leban is one of the vegetarian favourites of Middle Eastern cuisine. While it is mostly served as a refreshing dip for Pita Bread or other Starters , sometimes this preparation is also used as a part of other more elaborate dishes. Use fresh hung curds, for best flavour and texture.
We always gain a deep satisfaction from preparing exotic, international foods in our own kitchen, isn’t it? Here is your chance to make Lavash, the all-time Mediterranean favourite. With mild scents of olive oil and the strong aroma of toasted sesame, Lavash is a bread par excellence. Bake them fresh, allow them to cool and turn crispy, then serve with a cheesy or tangy accompaniment. The taunting aroma of freshly baked bread is sure to make one overeat!
The Lebanese Garlic Sauce is not for the soft-hearted. As it is blended smoothly with the rest of the ingredients, the garlic imparts a very strong flavour to this sauce, which also has a pleasant tang thanks to lemon juice. You need to mix in the oil carefully, as explained in the recipe, in order to get the right consistency, similar to mayonnaise. You can store this sauce in the fridge in an airtight container for around two days. The garlic sauce can be used as an accompaniment to Vegetable Crudités and Herbed Pita Strips or as a spread on Pita .
Muhhamarra means ‘reddened’ in Arabic, and that hints at the nature of this recipe. Hailing from Syria, Muhhamarra is typically a hot and spicy dip made with dry red chillies. Here, we have modified the recipe to moderate the spiciness, so it would appeal to all. In this version, walnuts, garlic and red chillies team up with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds for aroma and bread crumbs for volume and texture. The Muhhamarra is an unusual dip, with a texture similar to hummus. Use a small mixer jar to ensure proper grinding, and serve fresh with pita strips.
This is aromatic, flavourful dish that comprises of cooked dalia, tossed in with spring onions, parsley, tomato cubes, and toasted sesame seeds, olive and salt. Orange zest and orange squash adds a great citrusy flavour to this dish that is meant to be eaten chilled! Plan a "Arabian Delight" menu for dinner and serve this salad along with Herbed Hummus , Lavash , Labneh with Crispy Vegetables , Falafel and Baklava .
A popular bread from Mediterranean cuisine, Pita Bread can be had as it is with Hummus or used to make tasty dishes like Falafel . Take care to dissolve the yeast well in warm water, because it will not get activated if you use cold or hot water. At the right temperature, yeast will get activated and you will see tiny bubbles on top of the water after you let it rest for a few minutes. Likewise, it is also important to use olive oil to make Pita Bread, as it gives a mild but characteristic aroma to the bread.
This recipe shows you how to make a tangy variant of hummus that combines chick peas with sun-dried tomatoes, curds and other flavour enhancing ingredients. This unusual hummus tastes fabulous with crispy, deep-fried pita bread strips. Serve the Pita Sticks with Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus as a starter or as an evening tea snacks .