almond slivers

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Also known as:
Slivered almonds

Description of almond slivers
Almond Slivers are wonderful addition to any savoury or sweet dish. Place them on a chopping board and slice with a sharp Knife lengthwise into several small sticks. Keeping fingers well out of the way!

Roasted almond slivers
Almonds can either be roasted first or then slivered or vice versa. But slicing first helps as after roasting, it becomes little difficult to slice them. Using a paring knife, cut it lengthwise into several small sticks.

How to Select almond slivers
You can buy slivered almonds in the baking supplies section of most supermarkets. But it's easier to make at home, for which use a good quality of almonds.

Culinary Uses of almond slivers
• Sweet almond slivers grace the top of many cakes or garnish a platter of sweet dish.
• Chocolate Icing and Almond Slivers are amazing together.
• Almond Slivers can be caramelized or coated with honey, further can be added to use as topping for ice cream, with yogurt, in a salad or to make your own trail or granola mix. Make delicious nutty brittle and relish it.
• For stir-fries and grain dishes, this form holds its shape without breaking, to give some nice crunch and flavor.
• For one-pan meal preparation, try roasting slivered blanched almonds in a dry wok. Then dump them into a saucer, and stir-fry some vegetables and sauce in the wok.
• Try slivered blanched almonds in a rice or in couscous, with small-diced zucchini, red bell pepper and feta cheese.
• If the spirit moves you once in a while, indulge in a hot fudge sundae. Top it off with a generous amount of toasted slivered almonds

How to Store almond slivers
It is best stored in an air tight container, up to 3 months. Avoid exposure to moisture an air to retain its crispiness.