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Apple rings are made from Apples. They taste Delicious and are used in plenty of dishes. Apple are washed, peeled, cored and sliced (similar to onion rings). Further, boiled in sugar syrup (which can be flavoured with cinnamon, Cardamom etc).Drain the mixture and let it dry. Sweet but not too sugary, chewy but not tough, apple rings are overall satisfying. And talk about versatile: they're an easy snack for your daily commute, a nice addition to a bowl of cereal, and, when reconstituted, a substitution for fresh, frozen, or canned fruit in cooking recipes. For a guilt-free snack that's always in season, these apples are a ringer

How to Select
Choose the bright red, shiny and firm textured apples for the best rings at home. If purchasing, check the manufacturing date and contents.

Culinary Uses
· These fruit rings taste best in Desserts, Apple Pie and Custards.
· It is best used to garnish Cakes and Other sweet preparations.
· It can also be introduced to babies, because of its shape and taste.

How to Store
To store, pack in airtight jars or tins.

Health Benefits
Apple rings are quick, handy and tasty and is beneficial in treating below:
· Apples are beneficial in the treatment of both Constipation (raw apples) & Diarrhoea (cooked/stewed apples).
· Apples are also good for diabetics as the soluble fiber assists in regulating blood sugar, preventing a sudden increase or drop in serum sugar levels.
· Apples are of special value to heart patients, as they are rich in potassium and phosphorous but low in sodium. Also, effective for high blood Pressure because of its Diuretic effect.
· Apples have a mouth cleansing property which no other fruit possess.

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