brown vinegar

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Also Known as
Malt Vinegar

Brown Vinegar is made by malting barley causing the starch in the grain to turn to maltose. Ale is then brewed from the maltose and allowed to turn into vinegar, which is then aged. It is typically distinctive dark brown colour. However, most supermarket vinegar is actually extracted from beetroot. It has a strong flavour. As its name implies, malt vinegar has a distinctive malt flavor.

How to Select
Choose from the wide range of brands available in the market. Buy as per the need - small, medium or large bottle. Confirm on the manufacturing date

Culinary Uses
· It is the most widely used vinegar - delicious sprinkled on chips along with salt
· It is ideal for pickles and most chutneys
· It is also used as the basic type of cooking vinegar in Britain.
· Salad dressings, sauces and marinades made with brown vinegar will add an unconventional taste to your greens.
· A pale version of malt vinegar, this subtly flavored malt adds a tang to a variety of savoury dishes.

How to Store
Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Unopened, it will keep indefinitely; once opened it will keep about 6 months.

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