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What is butter cubes?

Butter Cubes, as the name suggests, are small cubes of butter. To make butter cubes, take a frozen block of butter and place it on a chopping board. Using a sharp knife, cut it vertically and then start cutting it horizontally into ½-inch cubes. Transfer the cubes immediately into an air-tight container and keep refrigerated. Needless to say, India's consumption of butter, whether in cubed or whole form, is the highest in the world!

How to select butter cubes

• Readymade butter cubes are available in some brands.
• Otherwise, you can select a block of any type of butter from the market, and make the cubes yourself.
• As it is a perishable item, please check for the manufacturing and expiry dates.

Culinary Uses of butter cubes

• Butter Cubes are a handy way to serve butter at the breakfast or tea table.
• It is also a convenient way of using butter on-the-go.
• It is ideal for making pies, tarts, scones, and as a final addition to sauces.
• It is used as a spread on bread, toast, scones etc.
• Pre-portioned butter cubes are usually placed as an accompaniment on the breakfast table.
• You can even pack it as an accompaniment for your kids’ snack or lunch.
• Add a cube of butter to jams and sauces at the end of cooking, to prevent foaming and accumulation of scum.

How to store butter cubes

• Since butter cubes are perishable, they need to be stored under refrigerated conditions.
• Since it has a tendency to easily absorb odours, it must be kept wrapped and away from strongly-flavoured foods.
• Keep away from sunlight as it tends to go rancid faster.

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