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Celery salt is a classic mixture of fine-grained salt and ground celery seed. It is often used in making Cole Slaw, potato salad, pasta salad, eggs, chicken, vegetables and Bloody Marys. Apart from its unique flavour, it is also used for the health benefits of celery, which is supposed to be beneficial for people with joint pain, gout, etc.

How to Select
• If making at home, select fresh and crisp celery seeds.
• If buying readymade, check the date of packaging, seal of the package and the use-by date. Avoid old stock as it might have lost its aroma.

Culinary Uses
• It adds a savoury taste to dishes like salads.
• Sprinkle a little celery salt on steamed vegetables, salad, tomato or vegetable juices.
• It may also be used to enhance soups and stews, or added to dressings and marinades.
• Can be used to garnish popcorn, stir fries and French fries.

How to Store
You can store celery salt in a sealed jar in the cupboard for a really long time.

Health benefits
• Celery seeds help fight cancer.
• Also helps control cholesterol and high blood pressure.
• Celery seeds are also beneficial for those with joint pains and severe conditions like gout.

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