cheese slices

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What are cheese slices?

A snack in itself, the versatility of cheese slices in the kitchen of a creative chef is endless. And it helps that everyone from children all the way up to culinary experts relish cheese in sliced form or otherwise. Each cheese slice is an even square with a yellowish tinge, and fits right in between two slices of regular sliced bread. Each slice is individually wrapped and are called singles. These cheese singles are then packaged together in packs of 6 slices and above.

How to Select cheese slices
• It is easily available in flavoured form.
• Confirm its freshness by checking the manufacturing and expiry dates.

Culinary Uses of cheese slices
• All cheese irrespective of their format, contain all the complexity of flavour to satiate even the most sophisticated of palates, sliced cheese included.
• Burgers and sandwiches are incomplete without the addition of sliced cheese.
• Cheese on an open toast partners well with a bowl of steaming soup, or alongside a salad.

How to Store cheese slices
• Cheese slices are best stored when refrigerated in the compartment or crisper where the humidity prevents it from drying out.
• Place these slices in an airtight container, away from strong-smelling foods, as they easily absorb odours.
• Proper storage prolongs the life of your cheese.