corn flakes

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What are corn flakes?

Corn flakes is a popular breakfast cereal originally manufactured through the treatment of corn.

Crushed corn flakes
Crushed corn flakes used for making breakfast items or desserts. Take corn flakes and crush coarsely with your hands.
Raw corn flakes
These are the cornflakes which are unprocessed and raw and are normally used to make snacks like chivda. Before using them, it's necessary to deep fry them and cook them so as to make them edible. Raw cornflakes are made from sweetcorn, which is ripened by more than 140 days under sun before being milled. Milling process removes the corn kernels from the cobs and turns them into flaking sized grits. These raw cornflakes are then packed and are used as required.

How to Select corn flakes
Choose corn flakes that are sealed and packed in an container. Check the manufacturing and expiry date. Flavoured Corn flakes are also readily available in market. Some variety of corn flakes also come with fortified Iron, Calcium and other vital nutrients.

Culinary Uses of corn flakes
" Corn flakes can be added to pudding.
" Corn flakes Chivda, is one very innovative and Healthy crunchy low fat snack.
" Savour the golden crunch of corn, rice and wheat flakes with ice cold milk and reap the benefits of Multi-grain. A Bowl of corn flakes, with skimmed or whole milk can be tasted great with additions of honey, fruits like banana, strawberry, apple. Nuts can also be added for that crunchy taste.
" The goodness of cornflakes mixed with walnuts and the sweetness of honey topped with peanut butter makes a deliciously nutty treat that appeals to all ages.

How to Store corn flakes
Once opened, store it in an air tight container as it may loose its crisp texture. Keep it in dry place as moisture content can also affect the shelf life of corn flakes.

Health Benefits Corn flakes can be included as a part of breakfast. However, most corn flakes are processed and best avoided if you are a diabetic or aiming weight loss. Some corn flakes may also contain sugar. Best is to read the label and choose. Check for the calories, fibre, sugar, protein and sodium it contains and make your choice. To make it slightly more healthier, you can add them to milk along with some fruits.