cream wafer biscuit

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Description Cream wafer biscuits generally comprise two or more layers of wafer biscuit sandwiched with layers of cream. The packing of these wafer biscuits is done using fully-automatic assembly lines to keep the delicious and delicate wafer biscuits intact. The biscuits are made from wheat flour/maida, starch, vanaspati, sugar, salt, soda and preservatives. Flavours and colours are added depending on the variety produced.

Cream wafer biscuits are of many sizes, varieties and flavours. Common flavours include mixed fruit, choco vanilla, pineapple, orange, mango, strawberry, etc. These treats are loved by people of all ages, across the world.

Interestingly, India is amongst the top five wafer biscuit manufacturers in the world.

Crushed cream wafer biscuit
The biscuits are crushed either with hand or by placing them in a cloth and pounding them with a hammer for a few seconds. The latter procedure tends to impart a finer crushed product than the former.

How to Select
• Wafer biscuits are available under various brands, flavours and pack sizes. Buy according to your requirement.
• Confirm the manufacturing as well as expiry dates stamped on the pack.
• Check the pack to ensure it is properly sealed, so that the biscuits remain crisp.
• If available in cardboard or plastic boxes, go for that as the wafers are more likely to be intact than in simple plastic wrappers.

Culinary Uses
• It tastes great as it is, and works as a superb accompaniment for coffee, milk shakes or juices.
• It can be used as a garnish for various ice creams, puddings and other desserts.

How to Store
• Once opened, store in an airtight container at room temperature. Although they stay fine for 2-3 weeks, consume as early as possible as they tend to become limp soon.
• Avoid air or moisture exposure as it might lose its crispiness and could become sticky too.

Health Benefits
• Rich in carbohydrates, cream wafer biscuits are an instant pick-me-up food.
• If eaten in excess, kids can suffer tooth decay.
• People who have high blood sugar levels as well as people who are obese must avoid these, due to the cream and sugar content.