dried mango powder

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Also known as
Aamchur, Amchur.

What is dried mango powder, amchur powder?

Dried mango powder is a spice made by grinding dried mangoes. The powder preserves the acidic, tart and spicy flavour of unripe mangoes. Preparing dried mango powder at home is easy. Peel and slice unripe green mangoes into thin strips. Rub them with powdered turmeric to avert pest attacks. Dry in the sun for 5-6 days. Once dry, grind in a mixer into a fine powder.

How to select dried mango powder, amchur powder

• Various brands of amchur powder are available in the market.
• Look for dried mango powder that is fibrous in texture and beige in colour.
• Ensure the packet is properly sealed and check the use-by date.
• For preparing dried mango powder at home, select unripe green mangoes. The skin should be firm. Avoid using mangoes that are about to mature.

Culinary Uses of dried mango powder, amchur powder in Indian Cooking

• Amchur is commonly used for flavouring curries, chutneys, soups and marinades.
• It is a souring agent like tamarind and has tenderising qualities like lime juice.
• Amchur can be used instead of tamarind to prepare sweet-sour dal or sambhar.
• It imparts a good flavour to kebabs and barbecued items.
• It is also used to add flavour to dishes like Dum Aloo (a potato preparation) and Biryani (rice cooked with masalas and vegetables).

How to store dried mango powder, amchur powder

• Keep dried mango powder in an air-tight container in a cool and dry place.