green chilli pickle

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Also Known as
Hari Mirchi ka Achaar

Green chilli pickle is normally consumed with theplas or any type of bland parathas. A fiery combination of green chillies and spices make this a just right accompaniment.

How to Select
Pick some fresh from your vegetable patch, pick up a packet of chillies from the supermarket or just ask the vegetable vendor to add a few free ones to your vegetable bag Fresh unripe chillies come in various shades of green. While buying fresh chillies look for crisp unwrinkled ones. Make sure they are bright and unbroken

Culinary Uses
· Serve with any Indian meal, burgers, hot dogs; it perks up breakfast Vegetable Parathas or Stuffed Parathas and Methi Thepla.
· It can also be eaten with traditional, Bajra or jowar roti, dal-rice or Khichadi.
· This pickle is best made in small quantities to enjoy the chillies in their crispier state.

How to Store
Pickle is best stored in air tight jar, in a dark, dry place. Avoid exposure to moisture as it will spoil the pickle. Make sure there is no water content in the pickle. After washing and drying the bottle you are using for storing pickle, put one tablespoon of white vinegar in it and swirl it all around the bottle. It prevents early spoilage of the pickle. You can keep the pickle in fridge after keeping it in warm place for a week.

Health Benefits
Any kind of pickle in moderation is all right but excess could result in acidity or burning sensation.