kacchi kairi syrup

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What is kacchi kairi syrup, raw mango syrup?

Also Known as
Raw Mango syrup

The sweet, sour bite of kacchi kairi is reminiscent of one's childhood days in India. The delicate, tangy scent of this raw mango and sugar syrup is pleasing come summertime. With ice lollies or candy drenched made with this kacchi kairi syrup, children especially have a special place for this ingredient. If you choose to make it at home, you will need to steam the mangoes until soft, mash the pulp, and bring to a boil with sugar until the liquid formed is both thick and transparent. Strain, cool and store it. If you prefer to change its colour, add a little green food colouring.

How to select kacchi kairi syrup, raw mango syrup

• Firm, juicy mangoes are ideal for making kacchi kairi at home.
• If you are particular about the ingredients or are allergic to food colouring, please read the label of commercially available kaccha kairi syrups before buying.
• Preferably, choose a brand that contains a fine and transparent kacchi kairi syrup.
• If the syrup has visible sugar granules or is off coloured, please do not buy it.

Culinary Uses of kacchi kairi syrup, raw mango syrup

• A combination of khus, kachi kairi syrup, rose flavoured milk and falooda seeds make a delicious cooling drink for the summer.
• It can be combined with other syrups and added together to flavour desserts.
• It is also used as the main flavouring agent in ice-slushes or on ice candy.

How to store kacchi kairi syrup, raw mango syrup

• Store it in a cool dry place.
• As a syrup because of its high sugar content its shelf life is indefinite, however do check the product label periodically.
• Intact bottles maintain the flavour of this syrup for at least a year at room temperature and 3-4 years under refrigeration.
• After usage ensure that the cap of the bottle is tightly closed.

Health benefits of kacchi kairi syrup, raw mango syrup

Since kacchi ki syrup is loaded with sugar, it is not a very healthy choice.

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