kala khatta syrup

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What is kala khatta syrup?

This dark purple, sweet tangy sherbet is made from the fruit of the blackberry (jamun) bush. In India, this syrup is generously poured over ice lollies or golas as they are locally referred to, which are crushed ice granules closely pressed together on a wooden stick. With the addition of black salt, lemon juice and the tangy sweet blackberry syrup, summer takes on a whole new flavour with kala khatta flavoured ice candies.

How to select kala khatta syrup

• It is readily available in grocery stores under many brand names.
• Ensure that the seal is unbroken.
• Please read the manufacturing date to ensure maximum product freshness.
• If the syrup looks crystallized or too watery please refrain from buying it.

Culinary Uses of kala khatta syrup

• As with all flavoured syrups, it can be added to frozen ice candies as the central flavour.
• Flavoured sherbets can be used as is or mixed with other flavours to create new ones.
• Party drinks like cocktails and mocktails get an Indian twist with the addition of kala khatta to it.

How to store kala khatta syrup

• Until the seal is broken, store the unopened bottle in a cool, dry place at room temperature
• After breaking the seal, refrigerate the product to extend its shelf life.
• The product stays fresh for about a year when stored in the refrigerator, however keep in mind the expiry date and use accordingly.

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