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Kahlua is a Mexican coffee-flavoured, rum-based liqueur, which is quite dense and sweet, with a distinct taste of coffee. This dark brown coloured liqueur is made with 100 per cent coffee beans, along with sugarcane, rum, and notes of vanilla, caramel and vodka. This liqueur, which can be easily made at home or bought from stores, adds a very distinct flavour to cocktails.

How to select
While buying from the market, check for the manufacturing date and seal of the bottle.

Culinary Uses
Kahlua is used to make cocktails.
It is also used as a topping in several desserts like ice-cream and cheesecakes.
It may also be added to the milk or cream used to make hot coffee or cocoa, or to flavour chocolates.

How to store
Kahlua liqueur bottles are stored like any other alcohol. Always remember to seal the opened bottle tightly using its original cap. Store in a dark place at normal room temperature.

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