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What is lemonade, lemon drink?

A refreshing drink made with lemon and sugar. Basically, lemonade is prepared with combination of lemon juice and sugar and at times, commercial lemonade may contain cane sugar as well to impart sweetness. In India, lemonade is considered as a carbonated lemon flavoured drink which can be consumed as it is, or can be added to a variety of mocktails, cocktails and other drinks. To make lemonade at home, combine the lemon juice, sugar and water and mix well. Add carbonated soda and your lemonade is ready. It needs to be served chilled.

How to select lemonade, lemon drink

• Lemonade is available in glass and plastic bottles as well.
• Choose from the various brands of lemonade available in market.
• Always check for the packaging and date of manufacturing and expiry as well.
• Ensure that the seal is unbroken.
• If the lemonade looks crystallized or too watery and fizzy and cloudy, please refrain from buying it.

Culinary Uses of lemonade, lemon drink in Indian Cooking

• Lemonade with crushed ice and chilled water topped with a sprig of lime and a hint of ginger is a delicious summer beverage.
• Using lemonade as the base for mocktails in tandem with other syrups gives birth to exciting new flavours.
• Amla or ginger squash with lemonade tastes healthily delicious.
• Lemonade can also be added to variety of cocktails and other party drinks.

How to store lemonade, lemon drink

• Until the seal is broken, store the unopened bottle in a cool, dry place at room temperature.
• After breaking the seal, refrigerate the product to extend its shelf life.
• Since lemonade contains a high amount of sugar, it acts as a preservative and ensures that the product has a long shelf life.
• Keep them away from sunlight and humidity.

Health benefits of lemonade, lemon drink

Since lemonade syrup is loaded with sugar, it is not a very healthy choice.