mango pulp

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What is mango pulp, aam ras, amras?

Mango pulp is the inner fleshy yellow, sweet part of the mango. Pulp of mango can be easily extracted by peeling any variety of mango and then crushing it. In order to extract mango pulp, crush using your hands or put the pieces in a mixer or food processor and blend to a pulp.

How to select mango pulp, aam ras, amras

A ripe mango should be selected to extract the pulp of mango. Most favoured variety used is Alphonso and Totapuri mangoes. Mango pulp is also available canned in markets. Ensure that the cans are sealed and check the packaging details to make sure they are fresh.

Culinary Uses of mango pulp, aam ras, amras

· Mango Pulp is widely used in preparing juices, drinks, nectars etc.
· It is used as a base in preparation of various jams and marmalades.
· Use Mango pulp to make Aam Ras which goes very well with Puris.
· Use to make delicious milkshakes which can be prepared in a jiffy.

How to store mango pulp, aam ras, amras

Mango pulp once extracted from mango should be kept sealed in air-tight glass jars. Ready-made cans of pulp should be properly closed after usage. Pulp can remain fresh for atleast 4-5 days on being refrigerated.

Health Benefits of mango pulp, aam ras, amras

· Mango has high iron content, so pregnant women and people suffering from anemia are advised to consume it regularly. Thus, fresh mango pulp can be consumed.
· It combats acidity and improves digestion.
· Mango is rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E which helps hormonal system function efficiently.
· Selenium is also present in mangoes which provide protection against heart disease.