maple syrup

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What is maple syrup?

Originally from Canada, maple syrup is the extracted, concentrated sap from the sweet, red or black maple tree. It's a thick, amber gold liquid that is best had drizzled atop fluffy, round pancakes. While maple syrup doesn't have a distinct flavour and is almost tasteless, it also has a low sugar content.

How to select maple syrup

• It is available in glass bottles or in plastic cans in selected food malls and super markets.
• Original maple syrup is best procured from Canada. It is often considered to be an edible Canadian souvenir.
• Ensure that the seal is unbroken.
• Please read the manufacturing date to ensure maximum product freshness.
• If the syrup looks crystallized or too watery please refrain from buying it.

Culinary Uses of maple syrup in Indian Cooking

• Maple syrup is a sugar substitute. Perfect to use as a sweetener for those following a VEGAN diet.
• Maple syrup is most often eaten with waffles, pancakes and oatmeal it can also be had with French toast.
• It is sometimes used as an ingredient in baking, the making of candy and for preparing desserts.
• It is also used as a flavouring agent in making gourmet beer.

How to store maple syrup

• The pure syrup is very expensive, so store carefully keeping in mind the local weather conditions.
• Properly made pure maple syrup does not freeze and can be kept in the freezer indefinitely.
• Callously stored maple syrup may sometimes develop mouldy toxins on the top.
• You can remove the layer of mould and bring the syrup to boil, wash and dry the container properly and refill it with hot syrup.