oreo biscuits

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What is oreo biscuits, oreo cookies?

Oreo is a popular cookie sold by Kraft Foods. The original Oreo was mound-shaped and available in two flavours: lemon meringue and cream. Today, there are several variants available. In India, the traditional type with two flat chocolate cookies sandwiching a layer of cream, is very popular.

Oreo Fudge Sundae Creme (Limited Edition): Launched in 2009, this limited edition comprises chocolate ring cookies with the traditional white cream filling on half the ring, and fudge cream on the other half.

Golden Oreo: This variant comprises vanilla wafers with a traditional white cream filling.

Mini Oreo: These are bite-sized versions of ordinary Oreos, released in 2000.

Double Delight Oreo: Introduced way back in 1987, this version features chocolate cookies with two fillings, notably, peanut butter and chocolate; mint and cream; or coffee and cream.

Crushed oreo biscuit
The biscuits are crushed either by hand or by placing them in a cloth and pounding with a hammer for a few seconds. The latter procedure tends to give a finer crushed product than the former.
Powdered oreo biscuits
Grind the cookies in a food processor, or place them between sheets of cloth or plastic and smash them with a pestle. The powder can be used as a topping for cakes and desserts.

How to select oreo biscuits, oreo cookies

• Choose a variety, flavour and pack size according to your taste and requirement.
• Check the manufacturing and expiry dates, as well as the sealing of the packet, before purchasing.

Culinary Uses of oreo biscuits, oreo cookies

• Oreo cookies are usually enjoyed as a snack with a cold or hot beverage.
• Kids love to separate the layers, lick the cream, and then dunk the cookies in milk.
• These cookies may form a base for puddings or pies.
• Try crumbling these biscuits over vanilla or chocolate ice-cream, or over custard.
• Oreo cookies are used in Domino’s Pizza's "Oreo Pizza".
• Premium ice-cream outlets offer the Cookies & Cream flavour, made by mixing crushed Oreo cookies with vanilla ice-cream.
• Oreo is the key ingredient in McDonald's popular Oreo McFlurry slush.
• Oreos are also used as an adornment on top of Donut King's Cookies & Cream Sensations donut.
• Burger King's Oreo Sundae Shake features whipped cream topped on a vanilla shake with crushed cookies blended into it.

How to store oreo biscuits, oreo cookies

• The cookies should be stored in an airtight container, and consumed before the expiry date.
• Do not store them with other strongly flavoured biscuits like pineapple or orange cream. These flavours will overpower the subtler taste of Oreo cookies.

Health benefits of oreo biscuits, oreo cookies

• Oreo cookies are a quick source of carbohydrate, and help keep hunger away.
• Since these biscuits are high in sugar and fat content, have them in limited amounts only.