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What is organic coconut oil?

Organic coconut oil is extremely healthy! It might be high in fats, but these are good fats that are good for your body. Coconut oil is made of medium chain triglycerides, that is, fatty acids that are of medium length, and hence the body metabolises it differently. It goes straight to the liver and provides immediate energy instead of being stored in your body as fat.

Coconut oil is ideal to cook Indian food as it is stable at high temperatures, while other vegetable oils are not. Coconut oil is also extensively used for massaging, as it has a wonderful moisturizing effect and prevents dryness of skin. Indians also use it for hair care as it ably protects hair.

How to select organic coconut oil

• Organic coconut oil, both virgin and refined, is readily available in the market.
• Small and large packs are available from different brands. Choose a good brand and check the package for leaks before buying.
• Choose a pack size according to your requirement because coconut oil becomes rancid when stored for a long time.
• We have been using Conscious Foods’ Organic Coconut Oil, which is widely available in India.

Culinary Uses of organic coconut oil

• Coconut oil is good for weight loss diets, as it is easy to digest and increases fat burning.
• It is used by athletes during races such as a Triathlon.
• Good for cooking, as it is stable at high temperatures. It is much better than vegetable oils, which are not stable at the high temperatures in which most Indian foods are cooked.

How to store organic coconut oil

• Coconut oil has a high melting point of 24°C. In cooler weather, it freezes.
• In India, Organic Coconut Oil is normally liquid as our temperatures are warm.
• If it solidifies, then store the coconut oil in a wide-mouthed container so that it is easy to scoop out.
• For massaging, you just need to rub the solidified oil in your palm for a few seconds and it will melt. If you wish to melt it for cooking purposes, warm it directly in the vessel you are going to cook in, or place the coconut oil container inside another container having warm water.

Health benefits of organic coconut oil

• Organic coconut oil is great for weight loss as it provides the correct fats, which are good for you, as against bad fats like vegetable oils.
• Healthy fats from coconut oil are good for your heart.
• It is also good for your thyroid glands.
• Coconut oil provides instant energy.
• Can be used to massage the body, as it works wonders for skin, hair and nails.
• The oil also helps in boosting brain functioning.

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