Pizza sauce

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What is pizza sauce?

Pizza Sauce is a readily available to spread over pizza bases. The Italian delicacy, pizzas are one of the most foods around the world. The readymade pizza sauce makes it very quick to put together a delicious homemade pizza in minutes. Different brands can contain different ingredients but all contain tomato puree, edible oil, herbs and salt. Other than these ingredients it can contain certain preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners, flavourings, onion and garlic. Just spread a few tablespoons of the pizza sauce, top with cheese and choice of toppings and the pizza is ready to bake.
Preparation of pizza sauce requires one to follow a proper procedure from blanching tomatoes to seasoning with the appropriate herbs and seasoning and cooking it till the flavours get balanced. In order to overcome these difficulties, readymade pizza sauce has been developed availaible by many companies.
Pizza sauce is a delicious and easy way to make everybody’s favourite pizza at home. Whether it is a special occasion or just a family meal, prepare a delectable pizza for your family in minutes!

How to select pizza sauce

Readymade pizza sauces are available in any food store. Select one with a short list of ingredients so that you do not buy the one with too many artificial flavourings and preservatives. Do check the date of expiry on the packaging.

Culinary Uses of pizza sauce

• Pizza sauce is used to prepare the popular Italian treat-pizza.
• Most often eaten as a main meal , it can be accompanied with garlic bread topped with cheese or even a pasta dish.
• Pizza made using pizza sauce can be topped with various toppings ranging from the classic-cheese, capsicum and onion to corn, mushrooms, olives and even cottage cheese to create a fusion pizza.
• Pizza sauce can also be used to make a calzone which are basically pizza dough folded into a semicircle with stuffing inside.
• Pizza sauce can also be used to make unique dips and appetizers.

How to store pizza sauce

After opening store in the refrigerator and use a dry clean spoon to take out the sauce from the package.