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Also Known As
Anar ka Ras

What is pomegranate juice, anar ka ras, anar ka juice?

Pomegranate juice is juice made from pomegranate fruit. The pomegranate juice can be very sweet or sour depending on the quality of seeds. Pomegranate juice can be easily prepared at home by following simple steps. Cut the pomegranate in four wedges and remove all the arils (seed casing) from the white membrane. Wash these arils and put them in a juicer and blend well. Strain the juice and use.

How to select pomegranate juice, anar ka ras, anar ka juice

For preparing pomegranate juice, select the pomegranates that are fresh. Check that their skin has not dried off, this indicates the arils inside will also be void of any juice. Pomegranate juice is available in cans and bottles under various brand names. One can select according to the taste and familiarity.

Culinary Uses of pomegranate juice, anar ka ras, anar ka juice

· Thickened and sweetened pomegranate juice used in cocktail mixing, this syrup is called grenadine syrup. To make grenadine syrup at home, cook sugar and pomegranate juice til it comes to a boil. Cool and store in bottles. Use as required.
· Grenadine is used in traditional recipes of Iran - pomegranate juice and ground walnuts, usually spooned over duck or other poultry and rice, and in ash-e anar (pomegranate soup).
· A sauce from pomegranate juice (narsharab) is usually served with fish or tika kabab.
· Pomegranate sauce made from juice is used as a salad dressing, to marinate meat.
· It is used in a production of wines in Isreal.
· Pomegranate juice is also used in making of liquor and added in yogurts and jams.

How to store pomegranate juice, anar ka ras, anar ka juice

Pomogranate juice should be kept in glass jars tightly sealed in refrigerator. It can keep fresh for 3-4 days.

Health benefits of pomegranate juice, anar ka ras, anar ka juice

1. Pomegranate juice contains polyphenols, tannins and anthocyanins - these are beneficial anti -oxidants -higher than most other fruit juices, red wine and green tea.

2. Pomegranate juice is high in vitamin C, a good source of fibre and low in calories.

3. Pomegranates contain nitrates which are shown to improve exercise performance. A study conducted on athletes stated that pomegranates if taken 30 minutes before exercise, significantly enhances the blood flow to the exercising muscles.

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