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No Indian meal is complete without a generous treat of sweets that tickle the taste buds. A rich variety of sweets are prepared in the Indian households not only on special occasions like festivals and fairs but also to treat their guests. Sweet Boondi is one of the most popular Indian sweet dishes. Be it any occasion - Diwali, Wedding, and Puja's or if you just want to gift someone. It is usually made with besan batter of thick, runny, consistency and fried in oil. Drain on a paper towel. When Boondi is drained of oil, but is still warm, add to the sugar syrup. Warm Boondi best absorbs sugar syrup.

How to Select
It is readily available at any Sweet shop. Check on the freshness by tasting a little. It should be soft enough to melt in your mouth. It can be bought as per ones need, in small, medium or large packs.

Culinary Uses
· Boondi Ladoos are made out of sweet Boondi, offered at temple, weddings or for any kind of celebration.
· Sweet Boondi sprinkled on warm Gulab Jamun is lip-smacking.
· It is also a wonderful addition to Kheer.

How to Store
It is best stored at room temperature. However, best to be eaten fresh and not keep for long. To avoid any kind of spoilage or moulds one can keep it in refrigerator and warm it up before eating.

Health Benefits
· It is an instant source of energy and good for underweight people.
· Being concentrated in fats and sugar, it is not advised for obese or diabetic people.

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