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Tarts are gems from French cuisine! They are like small, shallow open bowls or cases, which can hold yummy fillings. It can be used to make desserts or savoury dishes. Tarts generally have a zig-zag border, which makes them look very attractive.

Tarts are made of plain flour, butter and salt. Once kneaded, it is pressed into a tart tin to get the shape and baked. Thereafter, a filling is added to it and then baked again. The tart dough can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator. When required, they can be removed from the fridge and moulded into the tart tin.

Savoury tarts like quiche and cream or jam packed desserts are all quite famous. Tarts can be small or big, depending on the requirement. Big tarts are usually sliced into wedges and served. Smaller ones, in mini format, called tartlets are also very popular, especially to serve at parties.

How to select
• Make sure all the tarts are intact and not broken into pieces.
• Varieties with and without egg are available, so check and choose accordingly.
• Check for the freshness of the tarts, as old tarts might spoil the taste of the dish we are going to prepare.
• Check the seal of the package, and the manufacturing and expiry dates before purchasing.

Culinary uses
• Tarts are used in baking.
• They can be made into desserts with sweet fillings like whipped cream, jam etc.
• They can also be used to make savoury dishes like quiche and pies.

How to store
• Tarts should be stored in an airtight container to retain their crispness and freshness.
• Do not store them in an overcrowded container as they are brittle and might break into pieces.

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