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Also Known as
Tamatar ka juice

What is tomato juice, tamatar ka juice, tamatar ka ras?

Tomato juice as the name suggests is juice made from tomatoes. It can be seasoned with salt, pepper or sugar and enjoyed as a breakfast juice. It can also be mixed with mocktails or cocktails. It is mixed with vodka to make the popular cocktail “Bloody Mary”.

While tomato juice can be easily made at home with whole tomatoes, it is also readily available in tetra packs.

How to select tomato juice, tamatar ka juice, tamatar ka ras

• Select tomatoes that are deeply-coloured and firm.
• Look for plump, heavy tomatoes with smooth skins.
• They should be free of bruises, blemishes and deep cracks, although fine cracks at the stem ends of ripe tomatoes do not affect flavour.
• Fully-ripe tomatoes are soft and yield to touch. Such tomatoes have a good flavour but must be bought only if you are going to use them immediately.
• Overripe tomatoes, provided they are not mouldy or rotten, are perfect for making sauce.
• Size has no bearing on flavour, texture or quality. So, you can choose whatever size suits your intended use.
• Cold temperatures destroy the tomato’s capacity to ripen, so never buy tomatoes from a refrigerated case. However, you can store them in the fridge after they are ripe, to extend their shelf life.

Culinary Uses of tomato juice, tamatar ka juice, tamatar ka ras

• Season your tomato juice with salt, pepper, sugar, cumin powder or black salt, as per your taste, and enjoy it as a refreshing drink.
• You can also use it in cocktails and mocktails.
• Tomato juice is used in cooking, to make broths and soups, sauces and ketchups, salad dressings and salsas.

How to store tomato juice, tamatar ka juice, tamatar ka ras

• Keep tomatoes at room temperature.
• Never store them in a plastic bag.
• If you want to speed up the ripening process, put the tomatoes in a pierced paper bag with an apple, which emits ethylene gas, a ripening agent.
• Whole tomatoes can be refrigerated if you want them to stay for more than 2-3 days.
• If using a tetra pack of tomato juice, always refrigerate after opening.
• Always check expiry dates or use-by dates on the tetra pack.
• Unopened packs of tomato juice to be stored at room temperature in a cool, dry area.
• Discard the tomato juice if the can or tetra pack is leaking, rusting, bulging or severely-dented.

Health benefits of tomato juice, tamatar ka juice, tamatar ka ras

• Raw tomato juice is considered a super food with abundant vitamins and minerals. It is a rich source of vitamins A, K and B-complex along with minerals like magnesium and phosphorous.
• It helps detoxify the body by taking all toxins out of the body.
• Rich in vitamin A and lycopene, tomato juice helps to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.
• Full of antioxidants, tomato juice helps energize the body.
• Vitamins A and C help to build up our immune cells.
• Low in calories, this juice can be enjoyed by weight watchers too!

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