vegetarian oyster sauce

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What is vegetarian oyster sauce?

This is a tasty alternative for vegetarians who want authentic. Vegetarian Oyster sauce is a viscous dark brown sauce commonly used in Chinese, Filipino and Thai cuisine. It is especially common in Cantonese cuisine. Vegetarian oyster sauce prepared from mushrooms, often oyster mushrooms, soy sauce, sugar, salt, glucose syrup, msg, modified starch, preservative. It is very popular and generally lower in price.

How to select vegetarian oyster sauce

Vegetarian brands that use mushrooms as a substitute are available in oriental speciality stores and hyper markets. It is normally sold in bottles, but is sometimes sold in cans. When selecting, choose a brand low in soy sauce and salt.

Culinary Uses of vegetarian oyster sauce

· This is a tasty alternative for vegetarians who want authentic Asian stir-fry but don't want oyster sauce.
· It enhances the flavor of any stir-fry and also used as a dipping sauce.
· This rich sauce with a savory flavor is used in vegetable dishes, and is an important ingredient in Cantonese cooking.
· It is also used as a dipping sauce
· Savory vegetarian oyster sauce enhances the earthy flavor of dried black mushrooms.
· Oyster sauce is used to enhance the flavour of many savory foods. It is also often used as a topping for steamed vegetables, and in stir-fries.

How to store vegetarian oyster sauce

Be sure to refrigerate bottled oyster sauce after opening. For canned oyster sauce, transfer to a closed jar and refrigerate. It will keep indefinitely.

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