Joker Mera Naam- Vegetable Joker ( Vegetable Carvings)

A practical joker for you dinner table ever ready to charm your guests with his ceaseless supply of jokes!

Joker Mera Naam- Vegetable Joker ( Vegetable Carvings)

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Joker Mera Naam- Vegetable Joker ( Vegetable Carvings) recipe - How to make Joker Mera Naam- Vegetable Joker ( Vegetable Carvings)

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     1Makes 1 joker


Things You Will Need
1 round tomato
1 white raddish
1 carrot
3 small brinjals
2 red radish
2 thick bhavnagari chillies
1 sweet lime (mosambi)
2 cherry tomatoes
chopping board

  1. On one side of the tomato, make a small star-shaped cut, using a knife.
  2. Lift it up gently with the knife or your fingers, leaving it intact from middle. Repeat the same cut on other side of the tomato. This forms the face and the ears of the joker. Keep aside.
  3. Peel the radish and cut 2 small rounds, using a knife as the eyes of the joker. Keep aside.
  4. Similarly form another slice of radish, carve the lips of the joker, using a knife.
  5. Pass the clove through the small radish round and attach it on the tomato (face). Repeat the same to make another eye.
  6. Peel the carrots and cut a very small round as the nose of the joker.
  7. In between the tow eyes, attach the carrot piece as the nose on the tomato (face), using a pin.
  8. Just below the nose, attach the radish (lips) on the tomato (face), using 2 pins.
  9. Take a thick slice of the carrot and make small v-shaped cuts along the sides. Keep aside.
  10. Place the peeled carrot on a chopping board and cut a medium-sized long slice using a knife.
  11. Carve a design along the edges using a knife. Keep aside.
  12. Attach a small brinjal to the carved carrot slice with a pin.
  13. Beside the brinjal, attach the leaf-shaped carrot and bead using pins. This forms the hat of the joker.
  14. Attach the hat to the tomato (face) using pins. The face is ready. Keep aside.
  15. Take a red radish and make long cuts at equal distance, using a knife through ½ the radish.
  16. Make similar cuts at equal distance in the opposite direction, using a knife. Gently lift the every alternate piece and discard it.
  17. Trim the red chilli from its tapering end and attach the red radish to the chilli, using a pin. This forms the hand of the joker. Repeat the steps 15-17 to make another hand. Keep aside.
  18. On the top end of the sweetlime, make a star-shaped cut on the skin in a circle like tomato, using a knife.
  19. Lift it up gently with your fingers, leaving it intact from middle. This becomes the body of the joker.
  20. Attach the two cherry tomatoes one below the other on the sweetlime, using pins. These becomes the buttons.
  21. Attach both the red chillies (hands) to the sweetlime, using pins.
  22. Place the brinjal on the chopping board and trim it from one side so that it can stand on flat surface. Repeat with the another brinjal. Then attach both brinjals using pins, with the trimmed off part facing downwards. This forms the legs of the joker.
  23. Attach the brinjals (legs)to the sweetlime (body) using toothpicks.
  24. Place the sweetlime ( body) attached with brinjals (legs) on a chopping board and attach the tomato (face and hat) to the sweetlime (body) using pins.
  25. To decorate, place few animals around the joker to give a circus kind of effect.