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मुगलई पेय - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Mughlai Drinks recipes in Hindi)
મુઘલાઈ પીણાં - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Mughlai Drinks recipes in Gujarati)
Whether as mid-day refreshment, an accompaniment to meals and snacks, or a treat to welcome a guest, drinks like sherbets are closely intertwined with Mughal culture. You will find that the interplay of spices, dry fruits and milk results in tasty drinks that are both refreshing and satiating. Soak yourself in the refreshing tingle of drinks like the Angoor ka Sherbet, Khus Drink and Rose Falooda.

Grapes have a special place in the royal menu and this Angoor ka Sherbet made with fresh green grapes is divine! The lemon juice and mint leaves provide the required freshness while the cumin seeds and ginger juice add a range of flavours that will tantalize your taste buds!

The ever-popular Falooda that is available today at every restaurant just down the road is the innovation of the Mughlai. This popular Rose Falooda uses readily available rose syrup along with freshly prepared Falooda sev and cooling garden cress seeds. Enjoy this drink chilled on a hot summer day!

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Kesar Chandan Sherbat recipe
Saffron is one of the most expensive ingredients available today. And with enough good reason! Its rich flavour can transform any dish instantly. It was abundantly used by the Mughlai in a variety of dishes. Here saffron has been combined with the cooling and highly scented sandalwood a truly magni ....
Khus ka Sherbat recipe
A brilliant green concoction prepared with ingredients such as khus, Kewra, lemon juice and garden cress provides a truly cooling experience. The lemon juice gives the drink the required tanginess and the Falooda seeds provide just the right amount of substance.
Saunf Sherbet ( Microwave Recipe) recipe
A delicious cooling drink for summers which helps keep dehydration at bay.
Khus Drink recipe
khus drink recipe | Indian khus cooler | homemade khus lemon drink | summer party mocktail | khus drink is a quick fix lemon tinged khus flavoured drink for hot s ....
Rose Falooda recipe
The Mughals are known for their love of all things delicious and fragrant. Thus flowers hold a special place in Mughlai cooking. The rose with its lovely fragrance and delicious subtle flavours is their first choice. The ever-popular Falooda that is available today at every restaurant just down ....
Angoor ka Sherbat recipe
Think of a raja from the olden days and the first picture that comes to your mind is of the lavish king enjoying a bunch of grapes while lazing in his throne! Grapes have a special place in the royal menu and this sherbet made with fresh green grapes is divine! The lemon juice and mint leaves provid ....
Ginger Lime Sherbet recipe
Cool yourself with the refreshing and ginger flavoured beverage recipe, Ginger lime sherbet . The ginger helps to improve your digestive functions and the sherbet is also a great way of adding lost electrolytes in your diet during summers.
Angoor ka Sherbet recipe
Fill the glassed with refreshing and nutritious angoor ka sherbet over crushed ice. The sherbet or juice is prepared from a combination of grapes, lime juice and sugar and enjoyed chilled.
Delicious Angoor ka Sherbet recipe
Angoor ka sherbet is basically a cool sherbet recipe which is prepared from black grapes mixed with spices. An awesome drink recipe which is as tasty as healthy, especially for children.
Home Made Falooda recipe
An excellent and simple falooda recipe with dried falooda or subza seeds which can be relished with ice creams like kulfi or milk shakes.
Kesar Falooda recipe
Careful with the soaked falooda seeds, they are a very sticky affair to clean, if you get them spilled over your clothes or floor! these seeds form an excellent intestinal cooling agent in the summer season. Especially in cases of hot flushes, menses, and heat related disorders.

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