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13 lotus seeds recipes

Last Updated : Oct 18,2020

कमल के बीज रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (lotus seeds recipes in Hindi)
કમળના બી રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (lotus seeds recipes in Gujarati)

lotus seeds recipes | Indian Makhana recipes.

lotus seeds recipes, Indian Makhana recipes. Lotus seeds are called Makhanas in India. You can have them as a healthy snack, use them in Indian desserts or make a curry with them.  

Makhana, Lotus Seeds as a healthy Indian snack 

Yes, lotus seeds do make a healthy snack. You can roast your makahanas and then add some chilli powder and chaat masala to give a masala makhana recipe. Even better is to roast the makhana and add some herbs to make herbed makhana recipe which is a healthy tiffin box option for your kids in school or for you to take to work. 

Herbed MakhanasHerbed Makhanas

Lotus Seeds, Makhana used in Indian Desserts

Yes, the makahnas work well in Indian desserts. Rich in protein and calcium, makhana or fox-nut combines beautifully with low-fat milk to make a creamy and delicious kheer. A lacing of nutmeg powder and saffron lends an aesthetic touch to the low calorie Makhane ki Kheer recipe, making this a memorable dessert that lingers on your taste buds. We also have the tasty full fat version of makhane ki kheer recipe for you.

Makhane ki KheerMakhane ki Kheer

Lotus Seeds, Makhana used in Indian Sabzis

Makhanas are easy to use in Indian Sabzis also. We have khoya makhana recipe, where makhanas are deep-fried in ghee and cooked in a rich gravy, which has the tangy flavour of tomatoes and curds, the intense flavour of Indian spices and spice powders, and the luxuriant texture of crumbled mava.

Khoya MakhanaKhoya Makhana

For mushroom and cashew nut lovers, make the cashew mushroom makhana curry recipe. With a creamy tomato-onion gravy as the base, this luxuriant curry features an exciting mix of ingredients such as mushrooms and lotus seeds.

Cashew, Mushroom and Makhana CurryCashew, Mushroom and Makhana Curry

Benefits of Lotus Seeds, Makhana

Lotus Seeds (Makhana) :   A cup of dry roasted makhana has around 3.9 g of protein (high protein snack, starter), which is good enough to help build muscle mass and promote cell growth. Lotus seeds are gluten free . A cup of makhana can fulfil almost 50% of day’s requirement for folate and required for  first trimester. Small portion of roasted makhana can be included in a diabetic diet and for weight loss. See detailed benefits of lotus seeds makhana

Enjoy our lotus seeds recipes, Indian Makhana recipes ​below.

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The richness of this recipe resonates on your palate and in your memory long after you are done with the meal! With a creamy tomato-onion gravy as the base, this luxuriant curry features an exciting mix of ingredients such as mushrooms and lotus seeds. A generous dose of sautéed cashewnuts a ....
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Makhana is a wonderful ingredient, much loved by youngsters and elders alike. Its dainty appearance and unique texture makes it appealing to even kids. Khoya Makhana is an exotic preparation of makhana, with the captivating flavour of ghee. The makhanas are deep-fried in ghee and cooked in a r ....
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Who doesn’t like roasted makhanas? Here, we have enhanced this nice and poppy snack by roasting it in olive oil. Kids will love the peppy flavours of the mixed herbs and chilli flakes, which give the makhanas a nice and exotic touch. Make a whole batch of Herbed Makhanas and store it in an air-tigh ....
A rich dessert made with water chestnut flour, sago and nuts.
An unique variation to the typical halwa recipe, makhana ke halwa is prepared from soaked makhanas, ghee and sugar. A simple and quick dessert item, makhane ke halwa is best enjoyed with chopped nuts as topping.
Looking for a healthy and crunchy snack to munch on? makhana is your answer! it is the perfect evening snack for the energy boost and can be prepared in under 5 minutes! this can also be prepared and stored in airtight containers for upto a month!
Tasty and easy to make.
Makhane ki kheer is a sweet dish recipe with lotus stem seeds or makhana cooked in sweetened and nutmeg flavoured milk. Devour this creamy and unique kheer recipe as a delicious dessert.
Best with lunch or can be a wholesome dish in the summer
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