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 Benefits of Barley, Jao

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Benefits of Barley (Jao), Indian healthy barley recipes

While barley known as Jao in India has recently started gaining importance in Indian cuisine. A part of Cereal food group, this grain has gained highest importance in the form of barley water. However it forms a part of many soups, salad and curries too.

Nourishing Barley Soup

Nourishing Barley Soup

To suit the palate of Indians, we have used it more creatively to make delicacies like Barley Idli, Barley and Moong Dal Khichdi and Mysore Barley Dosa. Once you have had a sneak preview at its Nutrition facts and comprehended its array of beneficial nutrients, do try out these recipes. They are truly wholesome!

Barley Vegetable Khichdi

Barley Vegetable Khichdi

9 Health Benefits of Barley

1. Heart Healthy : A high fiber diet for years has been paired with reduced risk of heart disease. The fiber (2.73 g) from barley helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. Additionally folate, potassium and magnesium also work together to support a healthy heart

2. Welcome Weight Management : With that high a fiber count coupled with almost no fat and high protein, barley qualifies as a weight managing grain. It satiates you for long hours. Barley, per se, is quite bland an ingredient. Pair it with fresh veggies and an appetizing dressing to make a healthy salad lunch bowl as we have done in Barley Feta and Spinach Salad

Chick Pea, Mushroom and Barley Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Chick Pea, Mushroom and Barley Salad with Balsamic Dressing

3. Dodge Diabetes : The beta glucan – a type of fiber present in barley assists blood sugar management and prevents that instant spike in blood sugar levels. Try the Barley Vegetable Soup and Barley Khichdi – our tried and tested recipes created especially for diabetics

Mushroom Barley Soup Recipe , Healthy Vegan Soup

Mushroom Barley Soup Recipe , Healthy Vegan Soup

4. Benefit Bones Calcium (18.2 mg), phosphorus (150.5 mg) and protein (8.05 g) all work together to promote bone strength. They form the pillar of our body. 

5. Gift for Gut : The best gift for gut is fiber, which barley has in plenty. Barley works like probiotic to benefit the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract and aids in smooth bowel movements. This grain promotes regularity of digestive tract and helps prevent constipation. 

6. Curb Cancer : Lignans are the phytonutrients barley abounds in. These work to reduce inflammation and stress and fight the cancer cells. One of these new lignans is termed enterolactone, which is known to help prevent breast and other hormonal cancers. 

7. Support Skin Radiance : The anti-inflammatory properties of barley, fights skin infection and acne while promoting skin glow and sheen. Moreover it is also a good source of selenium – a nutrient which fosters skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles. 

Coconut Barley Soup

Coconut Barley Soup

8. Handles High Blood Pressure : The B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin and niacin) along with magnesium and potassium have been identified in supporting nerve health and lowering high blood pressure. Try out our wide range of recipes created using barley. However observe restriction in adding salt, as it’s high in sodium. Adding too much salt may increase the sodium levels and may negate the effects of the former nutrients in controlling blood pressure. 

9. Promote Pregnancy Health : This is a no-brainer. Now that you are aware of all the nutrients that barley holds, it is sure to foster a healthy pregnancy. It offers all important nutrients like protein, fiber, magnesium, calcium, B vitamins etc. to support fetal growth. Sipping on barley water is also a delightful way to overcome pregnancy induced nausea.

Nutritive Information for Barley:

½ Cup of raw barley is about 70 grams

RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance.

Energy - 235 calories

Protein – 8.05 g

Carbohydrate – 48.7 g

Fat – 0.91 g

Fiber – 2.73 g

See full nutritional details of Barley in Barley glossary

Barley Key

Barley – A grain merely

Abounds in nutrients fairly

Add it to your pantry surely

Cook with it smartly !

Benefits Of Barley Jao

Salads are a boon for health conscious people. Easy and quick to make, they are tasty and bursting with good health. A scrumptious salad like the Barley Feta and Spinach Salad is filling enough to make a healthy snack. Cooked barley is combined with feta cheese cubes, juicy greens and crunchy veggies, not to forget a dash of lemon juice and olive oil for a flavour boost. We have thrown in some black olives to give the salad an exotic touch and a memorable taste. Serve the salad immediately upon tossing. Have a go with other salad combinations with barley, like Barley and Corn Salad and Chick Pea, Mushroom and Barley Salad with Balsamic Dressing .
The ideal way to start an Italian meal, this soup is loaded with health and taste. Fibre-rich barley is a key ingredient in this soup while the use of vegetable stock and other veggies enhances its health profile. Red chilli flakes spice up the soup, but always add it at the end lest the soup becomes over spicy. Adding cheese to hot soup causes it to melt and mix in well with soup thereby pepping up the flavour – what more can I say, taste it and you’ll believe me!
Ever thought of making a khichdi with barley? Try it once, and you will want to keep repeating this masterpiece in your kitchen. Made of barley and a horde of veggies, this tasty dish is colourful and attractive. An exotic combination of veggies gives it a nice juicy crunch, while everyday ingredients like cumin seeds and green chillies give the Barley Khichdi a soothing and lingering flavour. This satiating dish is loaded with antioxidants that help to fight free radicals and increase your immunity, as well as abundant fibre that helps to cleanse your system and lose weight as well. Enjoy the Barley Khichdi hot and fresh.
Homemade Strained Barley Water is often recommended as part of a clear fluid diet for those recovering from surgery as they have an intolerance for food. It is also useful for those suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea as it provides them with water soluble nutrients. Sipping on barley water, with its pleasant taste and mild hints of saltiness, helps to overcome nausea. You can keep some on your desk and keep sipping on it instead of plain water.
Idli is the first dish that comes to mind when one thinks of South Indian cuisine. Not without reason – this easy-to-digest and wholesome dish is perfect to have at any time of the day, for breakfast, evening snacks or dinner. Barley Idli is a modified version of this traditional snack, which uses a batter of barley, rice and urad dal. Assorted veggies add a splash of colours, flavours and of course more nutrition to this zero-oil snack. Serve the Barley Idlis immediately with Sambhar . To keep the snack totally oil-free, wet the idli moulds with water instead of greasing with oil.
Life can be tough without comforting khichdi to keep you company! One of the homeliest of meals, khichdi is satiating and soothing to the palate. Here’s an innovative twist, we have used fibre-rich barley to make this khichdi. A good replacement for rice, barley combines very well with moong dal and mild spices to create a comfort food that keeps you satiated for a long time due to its high fibre content. Apart from curbing cholesterol, barley also helps control weight gain. To this effect, we have also avoided ghee and used heart-friendly olive oil instead. Have this easy-to-make Barley and Moong Dal Khichdi with a bowl of low-fat curds, to make a light but wholesome One Dish Meals .
We are always on the lookout for recipes that make good use of different grains, not just rice and wheat. One such journey led us to this brilliant Mysore Barley Dosa. A nutritious dosa made with a batter of barley and urad, is perked up with a tongue-tickling Mysore chutney. The Mysore chutney is famous for its balanced blend of varied flavour tones such as sweet, sour and spicy. The awesome texture of this dosa together with the lingering flavour and aroma of the chutney make it a great hit with all age groups. Before making the dosa make sure the tava is sufficiently hot but not smoking. Proper heat ensures a perfect, golden-coloured dosa. While the flavour is kind of self-sufficient, you can add a cup of sambhar and some coconut chutney to the meal to make it even more special. Enjoy how to make Mysore Barley Dosa recipe with detailed step by step photos.


Benefits of Barley, Jao
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I have tried all of your barley recipes,all are amazing,i m a huge fan of tarlaji and follow her recipes since 1982.
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   Hi Pragna, That is amazing! Do try more and more recipes and share with us your feedback. Happy Cooking!