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 15 Best Indian Recipes with Garam Masala


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15 Best Indian Recipes with Garam Masala

Garam masala, which literally means hot (garam) spice (masala), is a popular spice blend used throughout India and neighbouring countries too. It is a powder made of more than 10 types of spices, and is added in small quantities at the end of the cooking process, or along with the tempering.

While garam masala of different brands are easily available in the market, enjoy our Basic Garam Masala Recipe which is easy to prepare at home. You can make it and keep store it refrigerated for prolonged use. 

Punjabi Garam MasalaPunjabi Garam Masala

Every cuisine has a special ingredient, which gives it its characteristic flavour and aroma. If you think of Chinese cuisine, the five-spice powder comes to mind, for Bengali cuisine, there is the panch-phoron, for South Indian cooking, there is the sambhar masala, and when it comes to north Indian food, garam masala wins hands-down!

This Indian spice is a key ingredient in many recipes. It has such a strong aroma and flavour that even a small quantity is enough to lift up the taste of any recipe.

Watch the video on How to make Garam Masala and try our ever popular recipes using Garam Masala.

Garam Masala

Garam Masala

Uses of Garam Masala in Indian Cooking

1. Indian Sabzis are on the top of the list when we talk about the use of garam masala. No other recipe than Paneer Tava Masala can justify the use of garam masala in North Indian cuisine. The aroma and flavour are undoubtedly enhanced by cooking it on the tava – try it to believe us!

Paneer Tava Masala, Punjabi Tawa Paneer Masala Recipe

Paneer Tava Masala, Punjabi Tawa Paneer Masala Recipe

2. Bhindi Masala is one of the 15 recipes using Garam Masala. The paste of this sabzi has a host of spices and one of them is garam masala. When it roasted with onions, garlic and coriander, the paste turns out to the truly enticing. Do try this stuffed bhindi recipe.

Bhindi Masala
Bhindi Masala

3. Turn towards North-west, is the state of Rajasthan. Garam masala is used in one their traditional recipes – Moong Dal Kachori. It is the street food in this state. A flaky kachori from outside which is stuffed with moong dal and fried. They enjoy it as it is, without any accompaniment.

 Moong Dal Kachori

Moong Dal Kachori

4. Can you believe even Cheese Paratha makes use of this Indian spice powder. Along with chilli and chaat masala, it adds the perfect flavour to the processed cheese. No wonder cheese paratha is such a popular recipe world over.

Cheese Paratha

Cheese Paratha

5. Have you tried Masala Bread Loaf? Try this aromatic and flavourful bread, it is loaded with herbs and spices and topped with melted butter for that perfect finish. Enjoy it warm!

Masala Bread Loaf

Masala Bread Loaf

6. Mumbai’s very famous Veg Frankie, gets its colour and flavour because of garam masala as one It’s is main ingredient. This recipe is famous on the streets of Mumbai. The roti is cooked with butter, lined with masala water and stuffed with aloo stuffing. It has the perfectly balanced textures and exciting flavours of ingredients.

Veg Frankie, Mumbai Roadside Recipe

Veg Frankie, Mumbai Roadside Recipe

7. Indian cooking has a lot to explore with garam masala. The Indian Style Veg Burger, is no exception to this. A small quantity of garam masala is enough to make the aloo tikki of this burger burst with flavour. Follow the recipe and make it in your own kitchen with love for your loved ones.

Vegetable Burger Indian Style

Vegetable Burger Indian Style

8. Ah! The flavours of Paneer Pulao. This is succulent paneer used to make a tantalizingly flavourful rice delicacy.

Paneer Pulao, Quick Paneer Pulao RecipePaneer Pulao, Quick Paneer Pulao Recipe

9. Dals are also made flavourful with the use of Garam Masala. Try this Spicy Mixed Dal. This is true delicacy to enjoyed on festivals and occasions. It is made with minimum and the most basic ingredients yet the outcome is too good and no compromise on the taste.

Spicy Mixed Dal

Spicy Mixed Dal

10. The Chilli Paneer Dosa is sure to be every kids favourite. It is not just the garam masala which adds that hint of flavours, but also the spicy sauce, tomato ketchup and soy sauce. Next time you have left over paneer and dosa batter, try this fusion of north and south Indian cuisine.

Paneer Chilly Dosa, Mumbai Roadside RecipePaneer Chilli Dosa,

11. How can we miss tikkis and kebabs, when we talk of Indian masalas and recipes? Right from famous Makai Galotui Kebab to unique ones like Suran Chana Dal Tikkis makes use of garam masala.

 Makai Galouti Kebab
Makai Galouti Kebab

Make them and serve with our very much Indian Green Chutney.

Suran Chana Dal TikkisSuran Chana Dal Tikkis

12. Gujarati’s like their food spiced too. Garam masala though not a part of their ‘masala dabba’, it is used exquisitely in their cooking. Gujarati Masala Bhaat, also known in gujarati as ‘khari bhaat” is the best example of this.

Gujarati Masala Bhaat, Khaari BhaatGujarati Masala Bhaat, Khaari Bhaat

13. Chole Tikki Chaat, the famous roadside Delhi food, makes use of garam masla too. It is, in fact, a lip-smacking snack enjoyed all over India. Learn how to make it at home. You can make this in advance and assemble it just before serving.

Chole Tikki ChaatChole Tikki Chaat

14. On a rainy day try quick-fix snack like Peanut Bhajiya. Served with sweet chutney and green chutney, these Peanut Pakodas are like a dream come true, and the only reaction you can expect from your family and friends is: “More, Please!”

Peanut-PakodaPeanut Pakoda

15. Indians have the art of blending different cuisines to suit their taste. This Baked Pav Bhaji Pasta is the best example of this. It’s a blend of Indian and Italian cuisine. Topped with loads of cheese and baked to perfection, it is beyond doubt tongue-tickling.

Baked Pav Bhaji Pasta, Pav Bhaji PastaBaked Pav Bhaji Pasta, Pav Bhaji Pasta

Best 15 Best Indian Recipes With Garam Masala

garam masala recipe | Punjabi garam masala powder | homemade garam masala | with 20 amazing images. This garam masala recipe is easy to make make as it involves roasting and blending of Indian spices. Even better, ingredients for Punjabi garam masala powder are always available in the Indian kitchen. Every cuisine has a special ingredient, which gives it its characteristic flavour and aroma. If you think of Chinese cuisine, the five-spice powder comes to mind, for Bengali cuisine, there is the panch-phoron, for South Indian cooking, there is the sambhar masala, and when it comes to north Indian food, garam masala wins hands-down! To make flavourful garam masala, roast cumin seeds, cardamoms, black peppercorns, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, cloves, cinnamon, bayleaves and caraway seeds in a broad non-stick pan for 2-3 mins and keep aside so it cools down. Grind in a mixer to a smooth fine powder. Transfer the powder into a bowl, add the ginger powder and mix well. Sieve the powder well and discard the left over coarse powder and store in an air-tight container. Use homemade garam masala as required. So robust and versatile is this garam masala, with such a large assortment of spices and seeds, that it can be used to flavour anything, from Pulaos and Sukhi Subzis to gravies and snacks too. Some popular recipes using garam masala are ragda pattice, paneer lababdar and spice mixed dal. No wonder it is so popular all over the world! Although garam masala is available even in the smallest of shops in India and in Indian stores across the world, this recipe will help you understand how to make it, so you can make it in small batches at home to enjoy the boosted aroma and flavour that only freshly-made garam masalas can give. Enjoy garam masala recipe | Punjabi garam masala powder | homemade garam masala | with detailed step by step recipe photos and video below.
A semi-dry preparation of marinated paneer with common spices and spice powders, tomato pulp, fresh cream, and all the works, the Paneer Tava Masala features a mind-boggling array of flavours, thanks to the addition of roasted caraway seeds, kasuri methi and chaat masala too. The aroma and flavour are undoubtedly enhanced by cooking it on the tava – try it to believe us! Serve with Ajwaini Roti , Parathas or Tandoori Naan .
Masala Bharwan Karela is a Punjabi delicacy that will make even kids fall in love with karela. Here, the karela is first cleaned, slit, coated with salt and allowed to marinate, to eliminate some of the bitterness and to tenderise the vegetable. It is then stuffed with a mouth-watering masala that has rich spicy notes accompanied by the tang of tomatoes and the zing of ginger and onions. It is important to tie the karela with a thread before deep-frying it, to avoid the masala from coming out. Done the right way, the Masala Bharwan Karela is a dish that will raise your reputation for brilliant cooking! Serve with rotis , dal and rice to make a homely and satisfying meal.
healthy bhindi masala recipe | dry lady finger sabzi | tava okra in coriander and onion paste | with amazing 27 images. Bhindi Masala always brings to mind a yummy dish, literally floating in oil! Free yourself from the calorie scare with this healthy bhindi masala recipe. Despite having very little oil, your favourite dry lady finger sabzi is as tasty as ever, as the bhindi is stuffed with a mouth-watering mixture of spices and spice powders. A generous amount of coriander is added to the stuffing mix, to get a really invigorating flavour! As this recipe has very little oil, you have to be careful when cooking the ladies finger, as they might get burnt if you don't turn them over at the right time. Bhindi is healthy as the vitamin Folate (B9) present in ladies finger is required in blood RBC production. There are also fair amounts of vitamin C, which boosts immunity. There are good amounts for dietary fiber present and hence good for diabetics and weight loss. The tava bhindi in coriander and onion paste is quick, easy, tasty and healthy. As, the sabzi is dry you can even take it in your tiffin to work. All you need to do to make Bhindi masala is start by making the onion coriander paste. For making the paste, in a blender add onions, coriander, ginger-green chilli paste, turmeric powder, coriander-cumin powder, garam masala, roasted sesame seeds, lemon juice and blend well using little water. Once blended, remove it in a bowl and add besan. Mix well. Besan helps in binding. Further, stuff slit bhindi with the masala and keep aside. Side by side heat 2 tsp of peanut oil in a pan, Add the prepared masala and cook it by adding little water. Add marinated and stuffed bhindi and cook. Serve bhindi masala hot with chapatti or roti. With its awesome taste and texture, this Bhindi Masala is a wonderful way to top up on folic acid, which is crucial for healthy brain functioning. Enjoy it hot and fresh with rotis or parathas. Try to have it immediately, and avoid reheating, as the bhindi might get dry. Enjoy healthy bhindi masala recipe | dry lady finger sabzi | tava okra in coriander and onion paste | with detailed step by step recipe photos.
A vegetarian adaptation of the galouti kebab. The specialty of a galouti kebab is its ability to completely melt in your mouth and this Makai Galouti Kebab does just that. Adding paneer gives these kebabs a great creamy texture and the potatoes help in binding. Make sure you finely chop and brown the onions well before adding to the mixture since this gives the kebabs an unmatched flavour. Serve steaming hot Makai Galouti Kebab with Green Chutney. We have a variety of recipes using Sweet Corn like soups, starters, snacks and main course. Enjoy how to make Makai Galouti Kebab recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
green moong dal paratha | moong dal paratha | split moong dal paratha | with amazing 23 images. green moong dal paratha is a protein rich paratha from the Rajasthani cuisine. It is super flavorful and satiating. All the ingredients used in moong dal paratha preparation are basic and can be easily found in every Indian household pantry. If you have soaked green moong dal handy this moong dal paratha can be made in a jiffty. Healthful moong dal takes the form of a tasteful moong dal paratha here! Cooked moong dal, along with potato for binding, onions for crunch and a range of spices for added flavour, makes a great green moong dal paratha that is soft and crunchy in texture. You will enjoy the unique combination of spices in this protein and iron rich green moong dal paratha , especially the thoughtful addition of crushed coriander seeds and amchur. To make green moong dal paratha all we have done is combined green moong dal, whole wheat flour, mashed potatoes, onions, coarsely crushed coriander seeds, coriander leaves, garam masala, powdered sugar, chilli powder, dried mango powder into a soft dough. Rolled into circles and cooked on tava until golden brown. I use moong dal paratha as a tiffin treat, it is also a great way to add protein and iron rich food to my children’s diet. Also, green moong dal aids weight loss. What makes this paratha quick and easy is that all the ingredients are combined together and rolled. If you enjoyed this sumptuous split moong dal paratha then check our Punjabi paratha recipe collection to learn other authentic paratha recipes like Aloo Paratha, Mooli Paratha, Gobi Paratha. Learn to make green moong dal paratha | moong dal paratha | split moong dal paratha | with detailed step by step photos and video below.
Bhatura are leavened puris usually served with Chole. They are soft and spongy and must be enjoyed while they are hot or else they become chewy. This recipe is a variation of this popular bread that uses a potato filling to add softness to the Bhatura and a blend of other ingredients to flavour them. Moreover the potatoes prevent the Bhatura from turning rubbery and chewy. Another innovation is that they can be cooked lightly on a tava and kept aside. Deep-fry them only when you need to serve them to enjoy them hot and fresh straight out of the kadai!
A favourite with most people while eating out at any punjabi restaurant! paneer makhni as the name suggests is a very rich subzi from the lap of the punjab. It uses one of punjabi cuisines most loved ingredients butter. In traditional punjabi houses, the women folk make pure white butter from thick creamy milk. The liquid that is left over after the butter has been removed is very delicious and cooling and makes a tasty drink. Soft paneer chunks are dunked into a rich tomato based gravy a must try for all paneer lovers!
Maharashtrian food can safely be called simple yet intelligent. The ingredients are usually well-chosen, and cooked in a quick yet tasty way with minimal spices. You would even find a lot of single-pot recipes. Here is such a mildly-spiced rice delicacy from the kitchens of that state. It is quite easy to make, but you should ensure that each grain of the cooked rice is separate. Also, do not forget to stir it every 5 minutes for even cooking.
Jodhpuris are extremely fond of moong dal mangodis, which they cook in a variety of ways. Their food includes a lot of greens, so that is perhaps how this combination came about. Mangodis tossed in a spicy spinach gravy makes a mouth-watering Palak Mangodi subzi. You can make mangodis very easily at home or you can buy them in packets from specialty stores. Moong dal mangodis are more common than urad dal mangodis which are made in some parts of Rajasthan.
These rolls are a healthy version of frankies and make a complete meal by themselves. The chapatis have been made with whole wheat flour which is a good source of iron and fibre as compared to the usual plain flour (maida) rotis. The paneer and vegetable filling enriches these rolls with essential vitamins and minerals and the calcium packed marinade adds that extra 'zing' to this recipe.
What an amazing wrap this is! folks will keep popping into your kitchen even as you make this treat, lured by the aroma of paneer, onions and capsicum tossed in a spicy marinade. This all-time favourite and time-tested recipe will never fail you.
Pindi chole, although this classic recipe is an indispensable part of any elaborate menu, making it can be quite tedious! not any more, thanks to the pressure cooker that makes this dish so easy and fast to make.
Peshawar is a city situated along the eastern end of the khyber pass. It is a major center of arts and culture and is home to the delicious peshawari food. Punjabi food is in many ways influenced by peshawari style of cooking. Peshawari chole is just one of the many delicious dishes from the punjab, and as the name suggests, has a hint of peshawari style of cooking. Spicy and 'chatpata', this dish needs some prior planning as the chick peas require soaking for at least 6 hours. Chana masala added to this dish is readily available at most provision stores and imparts that special flavour. Served with hot Baturas , it makes an ideal sunday lunch . You could also top Aloo Tikkis or Samosas with this delicious subzi and relish it as a snack .
A delicious curry that will ‘wow’ your family and friends! A mélange of chopped veggies are cooked with cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, garlic and chillies and milk. Fresh cream, pineapple pieces, paneer and garam masala are then added for a fantastic finish. Enjoy! You can also try other variants like Moong Sprouts Korma , Paneer Corn Korma or Soya Malai Korma .