chilli-garlic sauce

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A fabulous hot sauce of Chinese or Vietnamese origin. Chilli Garlic Sauce is made to spice-up your taste buds and make your snacks more enjoyable. The principal ingredients are chili, garlic, and vinegar.Chilli Garlic sauce is surefire to convert or renovate any meal into a bold, aromatic and healthy culinary experience. Chilli Garlic is a enticing mingle of coarsely ground chilies and garlic. It has a full-bodied essence that will make your mouth water. It can be made by adding corn flour paste to the chilli garlic paste. In a pan add chilli garlic paste, add water to thin the consistency and as required and then when starts boiling add the corn flour paste and stir continuously to avoid lumps. Stir till thick, cool and store or use immediately as preferred.

How to Select
Green chillies should be crisp and unwrinkled ones. Make sure they are bright and unbroken. Choose garlic heads that are firm to the touch, with no nicks or soft cloves. Chilli Garlic Sauce is also easily available in the market of various brands. Ensure its freshness by manufacturing date and expiry date.

Culinary Uses
· As a versatile sauce, use it wherever the combination of chillies and garlic is required.
· This sauce adds distinctive and strong flavor to any dish.
· Spice up your sandwiches, burgers, pasta, noodles, soup, and macaroni, as it compliments everything.
· An attractive dipping sauce for spring rolls or stir fry with steamed veggies.
· Widely used in Chinese food.

How to Store
It is best to refrigerate, whether homemade or purchased. A homemade sauce can last upto a month and if purchased stick to the expiry date stamped on it. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and once opened, use as per the expiry date stamped on the label.