chilli powder

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Also Known as
Lal Mirchi powder

What is Red Chilli Powder?
Red chilli powder can set the taste buds on fire, and sometimes the tummy too! It is basically a spice blend consisting of one or two types of dried red chillies that are ground and pulverized into a fine powder. It is generally used to add spice to otherwise bland foods.

Kashmiri red chilli powder
The Kashmiri chilli is smaller in size, it is less pungent and gives a very bright colour to the food. It is available in all super markets under different brands. It can be used in recipes like pav bhaji, aloo fry or even tava pulao.

How to Select Red Chilli Powder?
• Read the labels before buying.
• As far as possible, avoid those that vaguely mention free-flowing agents or preservatives in the ingredient list, because pure chilli powder without such additives is easily available in stores, so you can do away with these added chemicals!
• Make sure you buy from a trusted source because the possibility of contaminating red chilli powder with other powders, red food colour, etc., is high.
• Check the seal of the package and the use-by date.

Uses of Red Chilli Powder
• Chilli powder is commonly used in Indian cuisine to make foods spicier.
• Used it moderation it adds a lovely red glow and sharp flavour to dishes without making it unpalatable.
• Include in any pot of beans or with baked corn and casseroles.
• It can be used to make marinades for paneer or sliced vegetables.
• It adds a wonderful spicy touch to tomato-based sauces.

How to Store Red Chilli Powder
• Chilli powder has a long shelf life.
• Store away from light and heat in airtight containers.
• It will remain fresh up to two years.
• Chunks of asafoetida can be added to retain its freshness.