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A commercial mix for making chocolate cakes, it has a proportionate mixture of all the dry ingredients used in cake like plain flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder and sugar. These mixes require only water, butter and sometimes eggs to be added, mixed and then baked. In addition, they also contain emulsifiers, shortenings, colourings and flavours. The shortening added helps the cake to retain its softness and emulsifiers make the cake moist. Chocolate cake mixes make delicious creamy chocolate cake.

How to select
Choose from the different brands available. If you wish to make eggless cakes, read the instructions and labels carefully to ensure it includes an eggless variant. Always check for expiry dates and seal of the packets.

Culinary Uses
Chocolate cake mix is a very easy and quick way to prepare delicious creamy cakes.
These sponge cakes can also be used to prepare pastries and other desserts.

How to store
Unopened packets can be stored in a cool and dry place at room temperature.
Try and use the packet when opened or else store the contents in an air-tight container away from humidity.

Health benefits
Typically, a cake mix has around seven percent protein, much lower than other flours; bread flour, for example, has twice that amount of protein.
Cake mix is also rich in sugar and hence a good source of energy.

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