chocolate sauce

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What is chocolate sauce?

Chocolate sauce is a chocolate-flavoured thick smooth sauce, which is often used as a topping for various desserts such as ice-creams, cakes, pastries, puddings etc. This sauce can be easily made at home using any variety of chocolate like dark, milk or even white chocolate by adding some fresh cream or milk, butter and sugar (if required) to it and cooking the chocolate till smooth and saucy.

How to select chocolate sauce

Chocolate sauce is readily available in the market under different brand names. Always check for expiry date and other packaging details before buying any.

Culinary Uses of chocolate sauce

Chocolate sauce is used as a topping for many desserts.
It is also used as dip for fruit fingers.
It may also be used to flavour and garnish various sundaes.

How to store chocolate sauce

Store the chocolate sauce in the refrigerator after opening the pack. Keep away from sunlight as it can spoil the texture of the sauce.

Health benefits of chocolate sauce

Chocolate sauce is rich in calories and sugar and is an excellent source of energy.
For the calorie-conscious, sugar-free chocolate syrups would be a better choice.