coconut milk powder

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What is coconut milk powder, nariyal ke doodh ka powder?

Coconut milk powder brings convenience to the consumer. It makes getting clean, rich coconut milk fast and easy by simply adding hot water

How to select coconut milk powder, nariyal ke doodh ka powder

Choose from the different brands available in the market. Read the nutritional content properly. Keep an eye on manufacturing as well as expiry date, to avail the fresh batch.

Culinary Uses of coconut milk powder, nariyal ke doodh ka powder

· A great store cupboard stand-by, this is particularly good in Coconut Milk Powder Barfi, curries and dessert. Just combine 1 cup powder with 1/2 cup hot water to replicate canned "light" coconut milk. Mix with confectioners' sugar and milk to make coconut glaze. For a tropical twist, add 1 teaspoon coconut powder to your mug of hot cocoa. It is ideal for puddings, desserts, rice cakes, exotic dishes such as curries, and beverages like the popular Piña Colada.
· It dissolves quickly and easily no blender needed. Get an instant energy packed super nutrition shake by adding one heaping teaspoon of Coconut Milk Powder to a glass of juice!
· Since this is the coconut milk without the moisture, you can control when you make a curry, pudding, or sauce just how rich and thick it will be. Many people who use coconut milk a lot in the kitchen prefer the coconut milk powder for this reason.
· A better Creamer for our Healthy Coffee!
· Good nutrition is the cornerstone of great health! This is especially important for kids, the elderly and people with a poor diet or those under constant physical or mental stress. You need super nutrition and essential fatty acids so your body can do more than just barely thrive.

How to store coconut milk powder, nariyal ke doodh ka powder

Its maximum shelf-life was 4 months when air or vacuum packaged in aluminium laminates and 1 1/2 months in polypropylene. Powered coconut milk, refrigerate after opening and use it as desired.

Health benefits of coconut milk powder, nariyal ke doodh ka powder

· It is packed with healthy essential fatty acids and vitamins too.
· The anti-microbial property of coconut provides a great immune boost along with better nutrition and improved energy.