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Coloured vermicelli are small sugar strands which make quick and simple cake and dessert decorations. Completely edible, vermicelli are available in a wide range of colours like white, red, blue, orange, yellow, pink etc. They are prepared using sugar syrup which is dehydrated using rollers with addition of different colours. Some thickening agents and preservatives are also added to enhance its shelf life. Sometimes a particular colour are also flavoured with different tastes like red coloured are flavoured with strawberries or raspberries, brown coloured vermicelli are often flavoured with chocolate and so on. They may also be available in pain sweet taste solely used for garnishing and decoration purposes.

How to Select
Various brands of coloured vermicelli are easily available in the market. Always check for proper sealing of the bags and boxes you buy. Also avoid buying if there is some cream colour or whitish foam on the coloured vermicelli as it might be spoiled.

Culinary Uses
• Mainly used in decoration of cakes and pastries.
• Can also be added to mousses, pancakes, milkshakes and waffles for good looks and crunchiness.

How to Store
Store the coloured vermicelli in a cool and dry place. It can also be stored in the refrigerator if required, especially in humid weather as they can get sticky due to presence of sugar.

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