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Also Known as
Varak, varq

The silver foil on those yummy sweets is called 'Varakh' in local Indian dialect. It is used as decoration on many Indian sweets, paan and even Chyavanprash. Silver is widely used for various purposes in the market today. Silver is considered precious and its utility is enormous. The reason behind this is that silver reflects back 95% of the light energy that falls on it. The silver foils used for edible purposes are called VARAKH.

How to Select
Varak is very much available in a pre-packaged container.

Culinary Uses
· Silver foil, or varakh, as it is generally known in India, adds glitter to Indian sweets (mithai), supari (betel nut), paan (betel-leaf), and fruits.
· Besides being very decorative it is reputed to have an aphrodisiac effect.
· Edible Silver leaf brings the art of gilding to all celebrations and festivities.
· Varak is also used in flavored syrups as in kesar (saffron) syrup.
· It is often added to champagne, fine baked goods, candies, and a holiday cake creates exquisite desserts and memorable dining experiences.

Health Benefits
· The silver leaf cannot be digested; therefore, there are no benefits from its consumption.

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