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Falooda sev are thick pastel strands made of sago starch. As the name imdicates, it is used in the preparation of falooda- a dessert which is traditionally consumed in India, Pakistan etc. The sev is soaked in water before using in the final recipe.

Soaked falooda sev
For soaked falooda sev, soak the required amount of falooda dried seeds in enough water for atleast an hour. Drain and use oa required or store the soaked falooda sev in icy water and refrigerate it to prevent them from sticking to each other.

How to select
Falooda sev is available in stores in packets. Choose the one made with sago starch. Always check the packaging before purchase.

Culinary Uses
· Falooda sev is added to Falooda that is a popular dessert drink in India. It is a chilled milky beverage that is made from sweetened milk flavored with rose syrup. It can be topped with nuts, ice creams etc.

· Falooda sev is also served topped on various kulfis.
· Falooda sev is also topped on ice-creams, custards etc.
· Falooda sev can also be added to payasam, basoondi and kheer.

How to store
Keep dry falooda sev tighly sealed in container and soak it in water for one hour before using it. Store soaked falooda sev in icy water and refrigerate it.

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